14 Sep 4NEC2 is a freeware antenna simulation software program. Video Tutorial on Receiving ISS Astronaut Amateur Radio Conversations with. 21 Nov Appendix B – NEC User Manual Installation. 4NEC2 is a NEC based antenna modeler and optimizer developed by Arie Voors. This is a 3rd. 4NEC2. A Tutorial for Beginners Version Author: Gunthard Kraus, Oberstudienrat Email: [email protected] Homepage: rd-

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I will assume that you have installed Python 3. The optimizer uses the coarser step of 19Mhz just tutoriwl the optimization goes faster. Figuring out the self capacitance of the choke coil took 4nec2 tutorial little research. Otherwise the optimizer is still doing “Global search” and big jumps of the best Score are still possible. The 4nec2 tutorial line mirrors the already defined geometry first across Y and then across Z, 4nec2 tutorial the wire tags by 5 4nce2 time.

You are commenting using your WordPress. A score of an antenna is the value of the target function when evaluated with the results of the model evaluation. Those stats show how close is the optimizer to completion. Vertical dipole tip at 55 feet, green; 75 feet, pink; and 95 feet, brown.

If you have a tall tree, there seems to be little reason to spend too much time burying radials in the 4nec2 tutorial

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your 4nec2 tutorial here We are now ready to define the geometry of the antenna and we will start with the upper right portion of the 4nec2 tutorial wire.

All that is needed in 4nec2 tutorial case is to rename this file to restart. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I spent an afternoon with a few ferrite cores, some coax cable, signal generator 4nec2 tutorial oscilloscope and can report that even good ferrite is not very suitable for this application.


Lets define the nec file variables that will drive our antenna model. Remember, toothat you do not want a design that is sensitive to small parameter variations.

A Simple Pull-up Mono-Band Verticle Dipole Antenna Design – and 4NEC2 Tutorial – Squash Practice

4nec2 tutorial tag is a number that allows are to refer to this wire and segs is the number of segments in which the wire is split this number will be figured out by nec. And for a general antenna we would probably like to have a bit higher minimum gain even if we have to sacrifice a little average gain. Each straight portion of the wire is generated 4nec2 tutorial the following 4nec2 tutorial format: My gut feeling is that all this effort is misplaced. I then run the rest of the 4nec2 tutorial line down to ground where NEC assumes it is grounded and which could be where the radio is located.

Unlike a simple choke on a feed to keep the RF out of the shack, the choke for this application has a much more difficult job to do. For 4nec2 tutorial antenna, I also optimize for the antenna gain 4nec2 tutorial 12 degrees elevation. Here are the geometry defining lines we append to the nec file, starting with a radius variable:. Optimizing GH0 – a nec.

They will be based on the drawing to the right and we will give them the following the limits: Rasing the antenna higher improves the elevated vertical dipole. For example we can use one of the following hybrid target functions: Feedline current with mistuned choke.

The choke both defines the length 4nec2 tutorial the lower 4nec2 tutorial of radiator, which is the coax cable shield, and also keeps the RF from traveling down the feed line back to the radio.

Note that the capacitance is almost entirely just a function 4nec2 tutorial the 4nec2 tutorial diameter. Since the optimizer always minimizes, it considers an antenna to be the best when it has the lowest possible score. The average gain is now 9.


Optimizing GH0 – a nec.opt tutorial

This is in 4nec2 tutorial with the natural tendency of the gain curve to tilt upwards. The 4nec2 tutorial I came up with were 24 ft. This simple antenna system is a great sandbox for learning the tricks of the NEC codes and some of the basic principles of antenna design, and to find all the pitfalls of this nice idea.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Internet research yielded the following formula, which seems to be plenty good for what we want. So to start, open your text editor 4nec2 tutorial create a new file named “gh0. If all Min, Max pairs are converging then the optimization is in “Local search state”, the score would only change gradually tutrial not by a lot, and the process is 4nec2 tutorial completed. This token is 4nec2 tutorial for direct minimization there is no need to negate itbut what is more important it measures the gain not from 0 4ne2 from a predefined target gain 4nec2 tutorial.

Be careful when editing the file tutoriaal 4nec2 since it may reformat the command option sections. I cases where the optimizer was interrupted by other means computer crash, power outage, etc.

Much better is just a simple solenoid made from the coax feed line itself. Now for some question we might hope 4NEC2 can answer.

Calculated inductance is Published by Gary Rondeau. The important thing to 4nec2 tutorial is to define the end of that radiating segment for 4nec2 tutorial, so there we place a choke.

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