A Place Called Here [Cecelia Ahern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Place Called Here. A Place Called Here [Cecelia Ahern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Place Called Here [Cecelia Ahern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sometimes it takes losing everything to truly find yourself Since.

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Gregory was Sandy’s psychiatrist whose Sandy’s parents hired to help her through her obsessions. A magical story about the place where all the missing people and things go – and about one woman who is in search of the missing.

Bahkan orang-orang disekeliling gue, yang bukan orang Sunda pun, yang bisa ngomong F bukan P, suka kejam memanggil gue, “Parah Parah”. Losing parts of ourselves and our need to find them and bring them home to our heart, to feel whole again, is what this story is about, in a nutshell.

Her problems started when she was 10 years old and her classmate, Jenny-May Butler who did everything she could to make Sandy’s life miserable disappeared just a few hours after Sandy had wished for just that very thing.

Lists with This Book. A Place Called Here is one unique book. Why ccalled they get found too? Buku-buku ini membuat gue memahami apa yang dipikirkan, dan dirasakan oleh tokoh utama di dalamnya.


We all have experienced the agony of trying to find that missing sock from our favourite pair! Ga usah gua lanjutin deh yaa. Ngga cocok sama nama Shortt. Kalo ilangnya masih diseputaran rumah juga paling beberapa hari, atau bulan, atau beberapa tahun ke depan deh paling telat, bakalan ketemu juga. D And yes, I got this book because of the cover: But I just couldn’t get it. Not her best work. They missed her but just expected her to return. I liked the way that Sandy Short thought that the worse thing to happen was to disappear abern no-one come looking for you – that would be really sad that no-one cares enough about you.

Open Preview See a Problem? The Irish chick lit author who previously wrote the international success PS I love you tried to charm her readers again with her fourth book.

A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern – Paperback | HarperCollins

Vlot en heel graag gelezen! Usama; they never fail to actually thrill me! And I love the WAY she writes. As for the therapist, hot, nice chemistry, only if sandy explored more for the readers, what a let down: But then Sandy ceeclia too, stumbling upon a place that is a world away from the only one she has ever known.

A Place Called Here

I have read all her books! This led to a life-long need to find missing things, which frequently went beyond compulsion and became obsession. It has like pages. Most chapters are really short and also most paragraphs. The author’s so young and I actually like the topics she picks up though I’ve read just two books by herthey’re rare and it’s something ‘unique’, something that cecekia been talked about earlier and I hege that gives them an edge.


Wonderful and characteristic portrayal of the desperation one goes through in the quest to find out the missing things, multiplied by a hundred! Clearly, callex lot of people trapped there, Bobby especially, wanted to get out and return home to their family and friends. After she has arrived to Here, she finds all her missing belongings but one by one, they go missing meaning they have been found in this world.

To view it, click here. It appears to me that several of the previous reviewers have missed much of the point of this book. She was obnoxious, obsessive, rude, and mean. Buku-buku Cecelia Ahern yang gue baca aherrn dalam bahasa Inggris. I just love Cecelia Ahern’s books.

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