ALTRONIX AL Manufacturer: Altronix MULTI TIMER 6/12VDC ADJ SEC/MIN SELECTABLE; RELAY CONTROL SPDT 5A VAC CAN USE FOR. : Altronix Digital Timer Home Improvement. Altronix ®. Multi-purpose Timer with enhanced features (replaces models and ). Overview: Model programmable timer is suitable for.

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Altronix PT724A Installation Manual

Chains and Clips – Qty Person Reader i5 Processor – Adequate for up to 1, registered people. Specifically, the anti-graffiti apparatus is custom designed for a particular application such that the plurality of passive infrared sensors, the plurality of in-line valves and the plurality of two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads will vary depending on the situation, and only one each will be described in detail.

Kit expandable to 2 readers with 1 x MR The power switch 36 can be mounted anywhere that is accessible to a user. Visitor Badge – Paper for Zebra 4″ wide x 2. The sensor 18 is preferably mounted between 12 feet to 14 feet high. The anti-graffiti apparatus comprises at least one passive infrared sensor which is electrically connected to at least one in-line valve which in turn is connected to a series of sprinkler spray heads which will spray water or other graffiti removing substances onto the walls.

Converter – 1 Reader. A smartphone instead of a card is used for access through portals and to floors. Includes the 1-way interface to the Watchlist data to the facility’s own internal Watchlist data.

Anti-Crawl Beams – per lane. Pedestal Top – Frosted Glass – per bollard. By way of example, the two side-by-side sprinkler nozzles 22 and 24 are model number manufactured by Toro.

Gate – Framed Glass – Push to Open.

altronix Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Visitor Badge – Paper for Dymo 8 hr expiring 3. Mounting of one 1 reader – Surface Mount – Rounded. Collapsible – For taking Pictures Can hang on a wall or on a background stand. The anti-graffiti apparatus has a protective armor which protects the components of the anti-graffiti apparatus. The apparatus in accordance with claim 15 timr comprising a protective armor for protecting said apparatus from the tagger.


Altronix Products

The anti-graffiti apparatus in accordance with claim 5 further comprising timer means electrically connected to said at least one valve for controlling the time limit to deactivate said at least two side-by-side sprinkler heads from spraying water.

It will be appreciated that the building 4 altrpnix above is merely one illustrative embodiment and the present invention can be used with many other different applications, for example such as freeway sound walls, freeway signs, tunnels, bridges, and other similar structures.

The pop out sprinkler heads are angled to be moved in accordance to the average graffiti height and the varying height of the device.

What is claimed is: The chamber has sensors for detecting combustion. Kit expandable to 8 readers with 3 x MR Pole Mount Stainless Steel Straps. It comprises a fire sensor for monitoring a condition indicative of a fire and signals the sensing of the condition. Return and Warranty Policy Altronx click here to view our return policy.

Guv Bob Contact options for registered users posted on August 29,5: BluPASS can be valid for one-time use only, or for a designated period. The two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads 22 and 24 overlap each other for spraying the building wall and the tagger.

Person Reader i7 Processor. On the other end of the atronix valve is connected to altroni main water valve inlet to the plant or building or alternatively, to a tank which contains oil like substances for removing graffiti.

Kit expandable to 4 readers with 1 x MR The anti-graffiti apparatus is mounted adjacent to the top of the building wall or other structure. Schlage wireless integrated cylindrical lock with multitech reader.

Defined more broadly, the present invention is an apparatus in combination with a structure for deterring a tagger from performing tagging, the apparatus comprising: The anti-graffiti apparatus in accordance with 660 12 wherein said volts alternating current supply is connected to a power supply for supplying power to said at least one valve and said at least one sensor.


It comprises a cleaning chamber, a nozzle for directing a spray of solvent against the article to alronix cleaned in the chamber, and a pump for supplying solvent to the nozzle. Wire Speed Kit – Two board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs and trigger pairs for use in enclosures with lock control. Pedestal Top – Frosted Glass – One required per bollard. The Hill Patent discloses an alcohol spray cleaning system for spraying fimer solvent.

Integration with one 1 Third Party Watchlist. Currently, the only way to correct graffiti is after the fact. The apparatus also comprises a circuit for operating a valve which is activated at appropriate times by a time clock and sensors which are connected to the water spraying system. Aperio M Mortise Cylinder iClass.

The anti-graffiti apparatus altronux accordance with claim 1 further comprising another timer means for automatically activating and deactivating said anti-graffiti apparatus. A preferred embodiment of the anti-graffiti apparatus comprises an elongated protective armor, a plurality of passive infrared sensors, a plurality of in-line valves, a plurality of two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads, and timer means. Supports up to 48 Total Floor Stops.

The present invention is an anti-graffiti apparatus for deterring taggers altroonix performing an unauthorized tagging on private or public property such as freeway sound walls, freeway signs, tunnels, bridges, buildings, and other similar structures.

Includes Access Control functionality. Printing of floor Life Safety Org Charts. All shipments are fully insured.