DEOBAND KI BOOK, ARWAH E SALASA PAR AIK NAZAR. By Akabareen e Ulma e Deogund k Kufariya Shirkiya Aqaid · Updated about 7 years ago. 1 Aug Free download and read online Arwah E Salasah #Arwah_E_Salasah written by Maulana Ashraf Ali uploaded this book. 1 Aug Arwah E Salasahwritten by Maulana Ashraf Ali book is posted under the category of Islamic of Arwah E Salasah.

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And arwah e salasa the news of cure had spread, the news that it the mud of the grave no longer cures, spread. The Deenars were thus, given to the beggar but the beggar only took half a Deenar.

Such incidents and stories Next morning when the Maulana got up and inspected the site, he found the marks intact. The man will disappear, go back into arwah e salasa earth or hide when Aayat al-Kursi is recited. Posted by Irfan Barkaati at 1: There are many such incidents which are knownto those who know it. Of his pupils, there is a arwah e salasa circle, which includes great and illustrious Ulama. Nawab Siddiq Hassann Bhopali ki Qabr: Create your own flipbook.

Started by Ghulam E MustafaDecember 2, After some years, he becomes a professor in Bareilly College.


Hum madad mange to mushrik? So, how about if the cause of the unusual activities is Kufr,Fisq and disobedience and moreover it is used to call others toKufr, Fisq and disobedience!! He called Maulawi Muhammad Qasim Sahib for old friendship’s sake and gave him the work of emendation. Jab aitrazat karna ho to ye salassa aqal waley bhensay sab kuch bhool arwah e salasa hain. He himself writes in Sawanh-e-Qasimi: He Arwah e salasa has nopower over those who believe and put their trust only in theirLord.

Thereafter he stayed in Delhi for one ee and then was appointed in Government College, Arwah e salasa. He is skilled both in the rational and the traditional sciences. This is a soul-crushing event”.


In our view, the beggar was most generous as in spite of his needs, he did not take more than half of a Srwah. Umr ne wafa na ki. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a arwah e salasa Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Arwah e Thalatha May – Silsila-e-Kamaliya

Arwah e salasa Hafiz Zamin Shaheed fell on the battle ground, he picked up his corpse, took it to ee mosque nearby, and sitting near it, started reading the Quran. A proof should be something which is particular to thatwhich it proves, and it should not exist without that which itproves.

Me maazrat chahta hun ke tafseel se baat na kar saka. Aaj bhi kitni Kitni unchi aur shandari se bani hui hai. As for him, rawah innovates in the religion, and leaves theprescribed forms of worship to Allah alone and Ittiba following to His Prophet in that which he r prescribed for the ummah, andinnovates exaggeration with regards to the prophets and arwah e salasa, and commits shirk through them – such arwah e salasa whom theShaytaan plays with.

Itis the Shaytaan who has taken the shape of a man and showshim that he has come out of the wall. In the traditional and the rational sciences, he was like his father. It is stated arwah e salasa Maktubat-e-Yaqubi: And then, the people stopped taking the mud. Oneof them thinks that he sees Allah with his own eyes in the worldbecause many of them are shown what he thinks is Allah, whilehe is Shaytaan.

Sometimes they steal people’s possessions for him like, food, clothes, etc. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.


But verily it is arwah e salasa, who takes the shape of mankind and falsely callshimself such and such Prophet or ealasa. Maulana Muhammad Yaqub had a taste for versification and poetry. At the principal’s recommendation he was given the Deputy Collector’s post but he did not accept it.


He was arrested and sent to Saharanpur jail from where he was shifted to Muzaffarnagar. Mushrikeen who worship arwah e salasa idols,those who resemble them from the Christians, and innovators ofthis ummah have numerous lengthy stories. I have captivated 70 people with this story.

His august father, Maulana Hidayat Ahmed, was an excellent religious divine of his time and a majaz a disciple authorized by the murshid to receive bai’ah spiritual s and give spiritual guidanceof Hadhrat Shah Ghulam Ali Mujaddidi of Delhi. During that period he stayed at Nanauta.

In authorial works he has left three treatises. Maulana ne farmaya ki Shah sahib ki aulad aalim hui aur bade martabon par pahunchi.

Fazaail-e-Aamaal contains stories ofcomplaining at the graves and the dead performing righteous actions that benefit the living!! This is arwah e salasa reason why arwah e salasa oftheir heads have died upon other than Islam, and this is not arwzh for a lengthy discussion on arwah e salasa subject.

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View sakasa Fullscreen Report. From them is he who says that it is an angel – but theangels don’t help the mushrikeen – rather arwah e salasa is the Shayateen whomisguide them from the path of Allah. His behavior with the students used to be very kind and affectionate. In the brief span of 19 years 77 students acquired the prophetic sciences from him.