To convert a spooled file to a PDF file, follow these steps. An IBM Infoprint Server for iSeries license is required. How do I find spool files in AS/? Asked: March 2 For the spool files for your current session use WRKJOB option 4. You can find spool. Software/Hardware used: As Asked: September 10, AM Last updated: October 25, PM. Related Questions. Spool ยท FILES.

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Try before you buy! Valid values for hh range from 00 through Beginning time One of the following is used to specify the starting time at which or after which the spooled files were created. Work with IBM i output queues and spool files from a browser aXes provides full control of output queues and spool files with all the functionality of the IBM queue and spool commands including commands like hold and release. On a system with a large number of spooled files, it may be necessary to view a selected list of the system’s spooled files.

Take the work out of managing IBM i spool files

Beginning date One of the following is used to specify the starting date on which or after which the spooled files were created. End time and date Element list Element 1: If you enter this command from the command line, the string must be enclosed in apostrophes. A device-created output queue cannot be deleted. The time is specified in hour format and can be specified with or without a time separator: The download option offers an easy way to distribute information from your applications.


Save and recall queries for later reuse. Specifies whether the output is displayed at a display station or printed. Only files that meet each of the values are selected.

Qualified job name Optional Qualifier 1: This is the creation date and time yo the spooled files. The asterisk substitutes for any valid characters.

You can search for output queues or spool files by creating filters. Point-and-click web user interface simplifies spool file management Output queues and spool files are displayed as lists in a web page simplifying the selection and viewing of reports.

This parameter contains two element lists of two elements each.

Work with IBM i (AS/) Spool Files in a Web Browser | aXes

If a time separator other than the separator specified for your job is used, this command will fail. Positional values can be specified to select the files: Manage IBM i spooled files from a browser Point-and-click web user interface simplifies spool file management. DB2 query tool to gain insight from your data Use the browser-based DB2 query tool for exploring your data. One t the following is used to specify the ending date before which or on which the spooled files were created.

Spool files can be downloaded and used in applications like Microsoft Excel and Word or email. Specifies the format and terminology to be used on the displays that result from running this command. You can choose to change, hold, delete, display, or release any or all of the entries that are displayed.

Hours, minutes, and seconds must each be exactly 2 digits. All other values result in this system’s terminology being used.

IBM i: Converting a spooled file to PDF

Filters speed up finding what you are looking for by reducing the list of queues or spool files. The amount of time needed to show the list of spooled files depends on the selection criteria used and the number of spooled files in the list.


Start time and date Element list Element 1: CPF7D41 Error occurred while logging order assistance request. This command allows you to work with all of the spooled files on the system that have a create date and time between Parameters Examples Error messages. If no ASP group is associated with the thread, an error will be issued. Job name JOB Specifies the name of the job or jobs that created the spooled files to be selected. Files which qs400 found in the specified primary or secondary ASP are selected.

Converting a spooled file to PDF

Download and try for free. Only files created by that user name are selected. Saving filters makes it quicker and easier to rerun frequently used filters as you do not have to define the search criteria every time.

Select jobs generic-name Spooled files created by jobs with the generic name specified are to be included. With a time separator, specify a string of 5 or 8 characters where the time separator specified ti your job is used to separate the hours, minutes, and seconds. Job name Generic name, name Qualifier 2: