BC/D. BC, BCB, BC,. BC Amplifier Transistors. PNP Silicon. MAXIMUM RATINGS. Rating. Symbol. Value. Unit. Collector-Emitter Voltage. 1 Sep BC PNP General Purpose Amplifier. • This device is designed for general purpose amplifier application at collector currents to mA. 14 Nov Hi guys, im new here and im a still a student =p Im trying to build a doorphone project but i couldn’t find any BC and BC Transistors, can.

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The Bc212 has a current rating of mA and a frequency Ft bc212 MHz, whereas the has a currrent rating of only mA and bc212 Ft of MHz so you need b212 check the application here. Yes, my password is: Current rating may be another matter and why Marshall went for a mA bc212 rather than the more usual mA small signal job, so we should stick with that.

BC212 Transistor Question (Marshall amplifier repair)

The only thing is that bc212 have a lower theorectical bc212 breakdown voltage of 30 bbc212 instead of Their function in bc212 circuit puts a different light on which parameters are important. Aug 14, 1. Have you identified the pinouts and where are you in the world? Edit a rethink on the voltage ratings The output followers will have a voltage gain of about 1 so the earlier bc212 amp stages of the power amp will need to swing the bases of bc212 darlingtons, depending upon the load For 8 ohms the peak required is about 40 volts for watts and 35 for bc212 For 4 ohms the peak is 28 and 25 volts For 2 ohms it is 20 volts and 18 volts.


BC182 and BC212 Equivalent Transistor

Last bc212 by bc212 moderator: Given the age of the amp bc212 the usage it has had I have decided to replace the transistors and diodes that were affected bc212 this circuit. Aug 15, 6. However I do want to learn the reasons why on the choice to further my understanding of how these components work. So the other transistors may be fine as they bc212 not see the full rail. They form part of the protection circuit so if you are refurbishing you bc212 remove them to get the main parts working properly.

If you had a couple of the BC’s and the Bc212 I would like to see how much bc212 would charge plus the shipping. To send a PM, left click a user’s name and choose send a private message. First let me say that I have never worked bc212 this particular model, so anyone with personal knowledge bc212 welcome to chip in pun intended here.

How is the rest of the refurb going? Bc212 only leaves the issue of pinout to resolve. Bc212 by samy in forum: The BC are more problematic as I have none for that pinout. Thanks for the link to that bc212. I can bc212 you the measured value of any I send if you wish.

This site uses cookies to help personalise bc212, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if bc212 register. Electro Tech is an online community with overbc212 who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. You’ll also learn how to perform this task via immediate actions or via timers set in advance.


Jul 31, Messages: Your name or email address: Amplifier repair Posted by dreamspy in forum: Studiot It is a model Is there much difference bc12 will it work in place of the BC? Bc212 have a look at this. bc212

BC , Tube BC; Röhre BC ID, Transistor

The transistors bc212 question are not actually necessary for the bc212 it should work perfectly without them. When looking for a replacement or equivalent how important is that number? Aug 15, 3. Bc212 obsolete items come at a premium. I have an order with Mouser Electronics and this is the last item Bc212 need.

bc212 Now did you say you are refurbishing this amp? From that view I thought it was Bc212

But I have been staring at data sheets till Bc212 crossed eyed and have bc212 one question. The American “2N” transistors have the collector bc212 emitter pins reversed from European “BC” transistors. Bc2212 Bertus for editing my post with my email.

Aug 13, 55 0. Hello, Here I have a zip-file with the data of a lot of transistors: Jan 12, Messages: Aug 15, Do you already have bc212 account? Click here to register now. It worked prior to this with the exception of the reverb.