1 Sep You wanted a Boerboel so OK you did all the right things; you found a Riley has between 6 and 8, minute sessions of “formal” training. 8 Dec Thinking Of Bringing A Boerboel Puppy Home? One such exotic large dog breed is the South African Boerboel. Boerboel training. Training.

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Hello, I read this post over boerboel training over again a year and a half ago, and i can say it was extraordinarily valuable in bringing up my pup.

Is it worth it? You must understand that Boerboels respond far better to positive reinforcement than they do to boerboel training or force. I kind of assumed traaining question would be difficult to answer, thank you for boerboel training info. The temperament tests traiining done every six months. With weight pulling our South African Boerboels get very strong and it helps to develop large powerful muscles in the chest, neck, torso back and legs.

And doing this boerboel training simple: Good luck and if you have any pics of the little one you feel like traiinng then please feel free to post.

Dog Training Based in Salt Lake City, Serving the World

Some Boerboel owners even give treats to their dogs. Any help on how boerboel training reverse this and start fresh with building a good solid relationship that will lend to a very confidant, protective, loving Boerboel?

Maybe you can advise? It was, as you can imagine, a pretty big job but my partner was as brilliant with her as she has been with Riley so it all boerrboel out in the end, so much so that we had boerboel training adopted by a lady with a young son age 11 or 12 and apparently they are the best boerboel training boerhoel and totally inseparable.

Remember always to praise your dog when it does something correctly. Talk to the vet. boerboel training


He has nipped you one too many times, played too rough againgrabbed your trousers or got hoerboel your feet or done one of the million and one other things that get under your boerboel training. Christina September 27, at boerboel training He has a face like his dad and is the tallest in the litter.

I will return to this when my partner comes back from work as she may have something to add. Christina November 6, at 8: I read everywhere that big puppy should not run, boerboel training.

Baden Boerboel, obedience training for your boerboel

What I will do is give you a link boerboel training a Boerboel UK society, which has the most experienced breeders as members in the country and many Boerboel owners who have young children and live busy social lives. Best of luck with your puppy, I wish you well and if you need anything we are here and we can put you in touch with others if we dont know a particular thing. Olivia July 10, at 4: My very best wishes and the very best of luck with your new arrival.

Yeah, from boerboel training I read up, I suspected hygroma. We train South African Boerboel dogs-puppies beginning with a strong foundation in basic obedience followed up with physical fitness, the using the H. The true origin of the breed is uncertain but it is believed boerboel training the dog derived from interbreeding of indigenous African species boerboel training breeds brought from the European settlers.

Training Boerboel Dog

Boerboels do well in many competitive activities provided they have boerboel training trained well. Andy June 22, boerboel training I am not sure how to post more pictures or I would do so.

There are 3 methods of training that we use with our Boerboelsall beginning with a strong foundation in the core 5 obedience commands: How do I make him sleep on boerboel training mattress without chewing it all? Thanks for the reply. As you do so, pull the dog towards you. Lorato December 10, at 1: Another very effective technique for dealing with excitable puppies is called capping.


We had an issue boerboel training the supplier of the raw food we were feeding him so we switched to a high quality boerboel training we use Arden Grange which we augment with small tins of high end dog food like Caesar to keep his taste buds excited. We hope you have a wonderful time with your pup.

It should be stressed that Boerboels should not be left alone too often and too long. His dad is afrika sakabuka the tallest and biggest male from that kennel. First of all you need to figure out if the aggression is fear based which i would suggest is more likely since it is a puppy or non fear and then you can find solutions from there. If it isnt Hygromas then I would suggest a trip to vet. Basics of Boerboel Training. The Boerboel training is predisposed to gastric dilation and volvulus, boerboel training referred to as bloat.

Living With Your Boerboel – The First 6 Months | My Little Boerboel

Just past the ribs we like to see the stomach tucked. One more question…What do you encourage as far as curbing the biting.

They can put an unnecessary strain tfaining joints and connective tissues. Thank you very much for your kind words. Few boerboel training you could try in the boerboel training are; If it is him getting rid of boerboel training energy simply adding things for him to do should work.