Dr. Ir. Megawati Simanjuntak, MS. Ir. Retnaningsih, MS. Ir. Md Djamaluddin, MSc. Buku Panduan: Ujang Sumarwan. Perilaku Konsumen. Pengertian perilaku konsumen Menurut Schiffman dan Kanuk () dalam buku perilaku konsumen (Ujang Sumarwan, ) yaitu: “Perilaku konsumen. Buku Panduan: Sumarwan, Ujang. Perilaku Konsumen: Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran. Jakarta: PT Ghalia Indonesia.

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I really hope this study can improve my knowledge of the world of marketing.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc

Value Based Marketing and Kohsumen Metrics. Log In Sign Up. There is some reason why behavior consumer learned, first is marketing interest, second is education interest and consumer protection, thirth is formulated policy and consumer protection laws. Another interesting point of the lecture Prof. Helping consumers to make decisions wisely.

Resume Perilaku Konsumen pertemuan ke-1

In a lecture last week, students were asked to remember the last time doing marketing activities both to friends and family. Melalui penyediaan nilai pelanggan yang lebih tinggi maka manajemen dapat memberikan dan menghasilkan nilai yang lebih tinggi pula kepada para pemegang saham. In addition to marketing products and services, marketers also markets goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organization, ideas. In the era of globalization, communication gets more easier.

And he was asked to explained the meaning of marketing based on our knowledge. Provide opportunities for business people to develop business to various countries.

My name is Husein Tejo Prabowo. Resume Perilaku Konsumen pertemuan ke Ghalia Indonesia Fandy Tjiptono. The existence of four elements, known as 4-P in the marketing mix, i.

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Consumer behavior is closely related to the motivation and needs of consumers. Next is the social perilaaku of the need for love, belonging and possessed, and accepted by the people around him. Departemen Ekonomi Sumberdaya dan Lingkungan. Secondary needs used to satisfy its users. Consumer behavior can be defined as the behavior that customer display in searching for, purchasing, using, buju, and disposing of products, services, and ideas they expect will satisfy they need.


As we know, the business world more complex with our global era and technology. The fourth order is the need of ego or esteem is the need for achievement so as to achieve higher degrees than others include status, confidence, and self-esteem.

But more than selling, it is realization of idea in the form of products and services Kirbrandoko, The term ordinary consumer is associated with several things such as customers, users, services, brands, etc.

Impact of good decision-making process. Sc as a lecturer in Marketing Management. You are commenting using your WordPress. Email required Address never made public.

Like the needs for luxury goods newest smartphone, car, etc. How did he consume? Department of Statistics http: And he also describes some of the assumptions made by marketers in capturing the target market is determined by the orientation of the market or consumers, i.

Note of The First Marketing Class with Prof Ujang – paulheme

Nilai suatu merek dagang terbentuk dari kepercayaan para pelanggan terhadap merek dagang perusahaan. Increase understanding of various factors that influence human behavior as a consumer. You are commenting using your WordPress. Konsumen dalam membeli suatu barang dan jasa dia akan melalui proses keputusan, dimana konsumen tersebut melanjutkan membeli atau membatalkannya.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In consumer behavior are the dimensions of consumer behavior, consumers will do three kinds of behavior in relation to goods, services, experiences, and ideas that is the way: I was born in Jakarta on February 26th You are commenting using your Facebook account.


The need of self means primary need, such as feeling of hunger and thirst. He also explained that the marketing concept can be developed more widely, covering efforts to design a product, to realized, promote and deliver goods or services to consumers or companies that need. I have many pleasure, one of them is read.

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Consumer behavior is like buyer, user, decision maker, goods, services, brand, price, and quality. The main purpose of communication is to influence the behavior and attitudes of consumers Sumarwan, This driving force is produced by the state of tension, which exists as the result of an unfulfilled need. As my previous major, marketing is not only a knowledge to sell things.

Perspective of Consumer Behavior Research. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In the above theory illustrates that the consumer is a very important contribution to the development and economic growth in Indonesia, in the development of the consumer every region and even around the world behave in choosing or buying certain goods and services to be used in their daily lives.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ujang each student is asked to write down his definition of marketing.