CatEye product manuals for the entire line of CatEye cycle computers, headlights , safety lights and accessories online support at CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration. A Web search on the make and model, plus “manual” or “instructions” sometimes turns up Cateye Enduro, Mity, Mity 2, Specialized Speed Zone (old).

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To set the clock time Cycle through the modes until Tm or the clock is displayed. Insert the band-B into the slit of the band-A, and put the rubber pad. You may revise the tire size in either “A” or “B” as described above. The active digit will flash. In wheel size calibration, cateye mity 2 manual default of catye Pro Manuals are online. The clock does not know about daylight savings time: Do this to clear the computer’s memory after replacing the battery: These are adequate, cateye mity 2 manual bulky.

Calibration number ,ity appear. Left button raises units digit of odometer setting. Push all three buttons at once “SET” button is on underside of unit. Right button goes to odometer mode, next digit. The calibration number will flicker.

Operating instructions | CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] User Manual | Page 2 / 2 | Original mode

Press AC button on bottom of unit. These were originally spec’d for 1.

When trip distance 2 is selected, pressing this combination resets only trip distance 2. In other modes, you may press the “SET” button for cateye mity 2 manual seconds at the same time to switch between “A” and “B” values. Solar II owner’s manual. The hour digits will flash. A very complete set of owner manuals is online. Release left button, then press and hold 22 again for 4 seconds until the right digit blinks. Next mode is programmable odometer.


This is a pre- set tire setting for X23C tires. The complete screen will light up for a mo- ment and then all fade away. The stored number will flicker on the sub-display. The display will change as fig. Mercury cells held more electricity for cateye mity 2 manual size than others, and their voltage was very constant over their useful life. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To remove, pull it off forward while pushing down the lever.

If you hold the “SET” button for 2 seconds or more, you enter the mode to set the alternate “B” calibration cateye mity 2 manual. Pressing the “MODE” button will cycle the computer through the modes: Maximum speed function is cancelled by use of cadence function.

Press left button to select next digit Press the “SET” underside button.

Cateye Computers

If these buttons are further held cateye mity 2 manual for more than 3 seconds, the wheel calibration value moves between “A” and “B” values.

Got it, continue to print. If you change the battery in less than 30 seconds, you can save your data. Enter text from picture: Do this to clear the computer’s memory after replacing the battery: Left button selects 12 hour or 24 hour clock.


Use right button cateye mity 2 manual select “mi” or “km”. To select which weel calibration value to use: These are reset independently, so kanual can use Trip Distance 2 to record segments within a trip, etc. Maybe even more complete here. The trip distance from start to current point is displayed.

Our Cyclecomputer Calibration Chart will tell you the calibration numbers for cyclecomputers. Use cateye mity 2 manual ballpoint pen or other pointed object to press the “SET” button underneath unit. Then press SET button, and minutes flash. One range is for miles “mi” shows in lower right corner and one for kilometers “km” shows in lower left corner. The clock displays hour time if the computer is set to record kilometers, and hour time if to record miles.

Now you must input your tire calibration number. Push all three buttons at once “SET” button is recessed on bottom of unit.

A76 Alkaline batteries will work, but they don’t last very long. The Internet Archive covers some older models. Choose Cqteye, Cycling cateye mity 2 manual model number here.