Working with Active ReportsIn this chapter, we will cover the following topics: Building tabbed IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition. 12 Oct The Active Report Cookbook is a good place to start: developerworks/data/library/cognos/reporting/active_report/page 22 Oct cognos_specific/pagehtml. A must read for Active Reports.

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If a report was authored using percentage based positioning of objects rather than fixed positioning, the spacing between objects will fluctuate depending on the width of the screen. This functionality only applies to the width, not the height of the content. The Container Select, Container Filter or Control Enable conditions can use combination logic between multiple Active Report Variables when more advanced interactivity is required.

This is done by including a single data item in a list and then selecting the List Column Title and setting the Box Type property to None. As shown in the figure below, the Maximum Hotspots setting can be found in the Miscellaneous section on the Properties pane for both Charts and Maps. A Radio Button Group provides the report author the ability to manually supply the available selections displayed as a radio button choice.

The following example provides the step by step instructions on how to use a Tab Control to display either a crosstab or chart view of the same data.

The author has control over the text that is shown and when it is selected the variable that coikbook set by the list is cleared. Since a single version of the output is shared, each user consumes the same reporting application and role based security is not honoured. With this information the IBM Cognos Report author is able to determine how many charts have been created, how many controls are in the report and what records are included in the report.

After running the report, it will be stored locally on the iPad and available for disconnected consumption. A chart will be placed in each Table Cell, which will allow the orientation of the detailed charts to be fixed.

For example, if the dashboard will be scheduled so reportts Ed receives a reporfs version every Monday but it is known that he often tracks closed deals on a daily basis, then the closed deals information should be made accessible with a drill-through so that he always repors the freshest information when he accesses that portion of the report. By using classes to style, significant improvements in file size have been observed.


Cognos:Cognos BI Active Report CookBook – Cognos BI 10 Forum

The wizard is simply used to streamline the connection process. Cascading prompts allow the end user to progressively filter their data in an intuitive way instead of presenting a long list of items and forcing the user to search for their desired selection. Cascading prompts are useful for interacting with a reporting application when there is hierarchical data. Setting the maximum row limit Getting ready How to do it Once the content is transferred, reportss becomes available for offline consumption.

Objects can be configured to respond to no variables, a single variable or multiple variables depending on the desired interactivity. In order to create a single button, a single cell list is created. Interactivity can be setup between many objects and it is all based off of Active Report Variables.

The items selected in the List Box reporfs be used to dynamically filter or select a data container one value at a time. For example, in this scenario a button bar is being used to navigate between the main sections so a Deck will need to be used to support this functionality. This functionality can be used to accomplish several design goals.

Before beginning the construction of the dashboard it is recommended that the author create sketches of the layout to better understand the overall functionality of the dashboard. The features of IBM Cognos Active Report make it a flexible and portable solution whose benefits can be leveraged across an entire organization and beyond. The menu will adjust to reflect the correct options for each object. Tooltips that include additional information, custom styling elements or conditional formatting to highlight anomalies can be built reprots an HTML Item.

To accomplish this functionality, the metrics area should be built in a Data Deck that is driven by the same item as the selection control. The following sections discuss recommended design practices and guidelines for some of the main areas coojbook IBM Cognos Active Report content creation.

Below are three figures demonstrating this effect using a report authored with percentage based positioning on the charts. After the layout and functionality is completed, fixed sizing should be applied to the chart and list objects in the dashboard. A Repeater Table provides the report author the ability to create a dynamic number of repeating items.


Setting the execution timeout Getting ready How to do it Finally, deployment scenarios that distribute the content to a controlled group, such as email or mobile distribution, can be used to ensure that only the intended audience receives the reporting output.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook – Second Edition

The figure also illustrates the dialog that would appear by selecting the Info menu option or the Show Tab Control Recordset. This cignos of functionality can be particularly useful for showing or hiding filter criteria or additional metrics that are not frequently used.

When combined with the disconnected nature of the solution, IBM Cognos Active Report ensures users have the right information to make business decisions while on the go.

This behaviour can be avoided by sizing objects. For some applications the author may choose to create a button with a customized look and feel. The second screen capture is the same chart with an object size applied within the Active Report Preview.

The title of each Card should reflect the conditional styling that is present on that Card. Cookbbook can improve their relationships with customers and increase synergies with partners by improving the flow of information to external users.

IBM Cognos Active Report content can be distributed through secure corporate email, which will reporrts allow the recipients to fully interact with all of the data regardless of their connectivity to the IBM Cognos BI server.

Coghos this scenario, the author can then select which pre-filtered list should be presented to the end user. Cokkbook functionality is demonstrated in the supporting file Embedded Videos. The roleValue function Getting ready How to do it A selection expression that is a combination of the variables containing the desired year and product can be used to choose the proper card. Aggregation versus preaggregated values Getting ready How to do it The following high-level procedure can be followed to enable swiping and obtain the corresponding page indicator dot look and cookbok for the Iterator control:.

This process can be used to place the remaining objects required on the dashboard. This property is set to a value of 5, by default.