A condylectomy is the preferred method for treating dysmorphology in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) defects. This procedure is indicated for a. A detailed technique for a high intracapsular condylectomy using specially designed condylar instruments is described. This procedure was performed on An intraoral approach to the TMJ was first reported by Sear in Nickerson and Veaco described intraoral condylectomy for intraoral vertical ramus.

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It is made up of mandibular condyles, the articular surface of the temporal bone, an articular disc, a lateral pterygoid, a capsule, and ligaments.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Saridin [ 9 ] observed that patients undergoing a condylectomy for condylar hyperplasia with an average follow-up of 4.

How is the Procedure Performed? Brusati [ 8 ] determined in a follow-up study of 15 patients who underwent a high condylectomy that they presented no significant differences between the pre- and postoperative stages in either the objective or subjective evaluations, indicating excellent function in Condylecotmy patient was assessed according to the study variables: A survey of seventeen postoperative patients. The diagnosis and treatment of the cases was based on the protocol previously published by Tjj [ 6 ].

Received Jan 19; Accepted Feb Our goal is to give you access to powerful and credible information that is not available anywhere else. Condylectomies are also usually followed mtj a reconstruction procedure. The potential complications are quite few and are mostly related to the temporal branch of the facial nerve. Brusati [ 8 ] performed a condylar osteotomy in conjunction with orthognatic surgery in 15 patients; in every case intermaxillary fixation was used for 10 days and joint function was assessed after 4.


The aim of this research was to examine post-condylectomy TMJ function; 14 patients were included in this study, 6 male condtlectomy 8 female.

Possible Risks and Complications Condyleftomy complication rate of condylectomy procedures for the treatment of TMJ disorders is very low.

Please review our privacy policy. At DocDoc, we believe that it’s unfair for a doctor in private practice to xondylectomy against someone because they are flying overseas for care. The surgery is currently performed without complications and with techniques that optimize the procedure [ 4 ]; however, postoperative TMJ function has been a matter of limited research [ 6 ].

The partial condylectomy generally halts the disease. Our results observed adequate mouth opening over 35 mm with no significant restrictions and adequate laterality. In our patients it was not possible to observe characteristics of osteoarthritis, perhaps due to the short follow-up vondylectomy, but we confirmed normal mandibular function in terms of dynamics and daily life conditioners.

Disclosure of conflict of interest The authors declare that they have no competing financial interests. Norman J, Painter D.

Condylectomy for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. A survey of seventeen postoperative patients.

Olate S, De Moraes M. Decrease in the vertical dimension of the surgical site, resulting in an open bite References:. Functional results after concylectomy in active laterognathia.

Finally, we conclude that the condilectomy is a safe procedure with minor mobility. These disorders typically cause symptoms such as: We believe that healthcare can and should be safe, transparent, and fair.

Condylectomy for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. A survey of seventeen postoperative patients.

The variables were studied using SPSS The condylar fragment was subsequently removed and the articular disc repositioned without suturing or capturing it. From the functional point of view, the mandibular dynamic is maintained with no significant changes when the high condylectomy is performed [ 57 ].


The surgical access was closed in layers up to skin level. Evaluation of temporomandibular function after high partial condilectomy because of unilateral condylar hyperactivity. It can also be performed in conjunction with orthognatic surgery. All the cases in this study were operated on by two surgeons to control the variable operator. The temporal branch was present with minor limitations for most patient and mayor limitations were observed in one patient; even so, for this patients was not problem in his daily activities.

The procedure successfully removed any limitations in their jaw motion, allowing them to move their jaw freely afterwards.

However, some patients eventually require surgery if the disorders do not respond to treatment or if their conditions do not improve. Condylar hyperplasia, TMJ, facial asymmetry. Then, the condyle was detached to measure and position the place to perform the osteotomy.

Condylectomy is sometimes combined with other procedures, such as a caudal mandibulectomy. Support Center Support Center. However, condylectomy is more effective in patients who suffer from organic TMJ disorders or those that are stress-related. We understand the wants, needs and fears of our patients and are committed to supporting you.

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