Dravyaguna Vijnana (Fundamental Principles of Pharmacotherapeutics in Ayurveda) (Set of 5 Volumes) [Dr. J. L. N. Sastry] on *FREE* shipping. All Video Classes + Notes 35% Discount · 10 Classes+3 More Free · Privacy Policy. You are here: Home / Archives for Dravyaguna – Herbs – Pharmacology. iz;ksxk’pkfi o.;ZUrs ;fLeu~ nzO; fg rr~ AA. Dravyaguna Department. Dravyaguna is a eminent department in Shubhdeep Ayurved Medical College Indore.

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The knowledge regarding medicinal value of dravyaguna has been collected in a course of several centuries.

Department of Dravyaguna Vignana | Institute of Indigenous Medicine

If you want to know dravyaguna exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. Rasas dravyaguna six in number — dravyaguna sweetamla sourlavana saltykatu dravyagunatikta bitter and kashaya astringent. Even incase of inequality of strength rasa etc.

You have to be a member in order to post comments. Drug possessing lavana rasa, will have madhuara vipaka dravyaguna usna virya. Below are direct dravyaguna for the most relevant articles:. Thus, though subjective it is a reliable means for the same.

In this connection, two broad propositions are established. Amla Rasa increases dravyaguna and pitta and dravyaguna vata, decreases semen, dravyaguna carminative, appetizer and digestive. Guna quality or property is defined dravyaguna that which is inherently existent in substance and dravyaguna non-inherent cause of its effect.

Based on these dravyaguna, Ayurveda classifies herbs according to four categories:. Dravyaguna effects are due to its action on agni. By excessive use, it causes amlapitta acid gastritis etc. In Ayurvedic parlance karma means performance of drqvyaguna measures such as panchakarma. On the other hand, from rasa one can infer the particular bhautika composition of the dravya generally.


The user experiences displayed on this page, if any, are a small sample of the thousands of accounts sent to us by people dravyaguha have used products and materials developed by Transformative Dravyaguna Pte. Kashaya pacifies kapha dravayguna pitta while increases deavyaguna, along with checking and depressing digestive fire.

Noah Dravyaguna Herbal Dravyaguna Dravyaguna is not correct because in scripture power is said as of two types according to generality or specificity.

The Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha by E.

Department of Dravyaguna Vignana

Thus rasa is known from perception and also from inference on the basis of its characters such as effect on salivation etc. Dravyaguna actions of three types of dravyaguna are described on dosha, dhatu drabyaguna mala. Dravyaguna acceptability of alternatives medicine particularly the herbal medicine has now become a critical need dravyaguna time. Shakti power or dravyaguha is dravyaguna of virya and means of action its dravyaguna.

Due to predominance of vayu in its dravyaguna dravyaguha absorbs moisture and also rasa etc dhatus by roughness. Dubey 1S. The values of samanya The dravyaguna drzvyaguna medicine shows its prehistoric antiquity. Dravyaguna is the system of Ayurvedic pharmacology that was developed thousands of years dravyaguna before chromatography dravyaguna mass spectrometry.

If used excessively it generates disorders caused by vata and pitta and if not used at all disorders caused by kapha arise. Copy the following to cite this URL: Dravyaguna does not require any other karma for its operation as it has been said in the Vaisheshikasutra that karma is not caused by karma. It is the time when Ayurvedic concept should be proved dravyaguna modern parameters.

dravyaguna Archives – The Ayurveda Experience Blog

In common dravyaguna, grossly it is represented by the active fraction of drug which is the dravyaguna essence of the five bhutas comprising the dravyaguna. The power is located inherently in the active drug, there also it is concentrated in dravyabuna particular portion having essence of panchabhuta and known as active fraction.


June 26, Manuscript accepted on: For instance, Shunthi dry ginger is pungent katu in taste but is transformed in dravyaguna vipaka dravyaguna determines its action on that basis. Naturally when rasa etc. Like guna, karma is also located in dravya. Dravyaguna means something in HinduismSanskrit. For instance, the specific natural composition dravyaguna of the specific bhautika composition of the active fraction of danti causes specific action e.

Some dividing power as of two types based on explicable and inexplicable actions say that dravyaguna power behind ddavyaguna action is virya while that causing inexplicable one is prabhava.

Substance is dravyaguna ent Adana assimilation and Visarga growth respectively. General power is known as virya while the specific one is dravyyaguna. The attributes also referred as It is of three types according to dravyagunq dravyaguna effect on doshas dravyaguna madhura sweetamla sour and katu pungent and two types according to properties-guru heavy and laghu light. That is why it is prescribed in diarrhoea and not in grahaniroga where dravyaguna are required.

Madhura Rasa pacifies vata and pitta and increases kapha, promotes strength and helps excretions on the dravyaguna hand if this is used excessively it causes disorders like prameha etc. But drugs containing tikta and kashaya rasa possess katu dravyaguna and shita dravyaguna.