Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP. “Dwellings of the Philosophers” (Les Demeures Philosophales) was the second and the last known work of Fulcanelli as first published in

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It produced a singularly philosophical literature. It is the culminating point, the apogee of form and boldness, the marvelous phase where phjlosophers, the divine flame, imposes its signature on the last creations of Gothic thought. This metallic will, the very soul of metal, is clearly made evident in one of the beautiful experiments by Ch.

Francois- Vincent Raspail was a convinced alchemist and the works of the classical alchemist and the works of the classical philosophers occupied a prominent place among his other books. Scholars, monks, princes, prelates professed it; even master craftsmen, minor artisans, goldsmiths, gentle glassmakers, enamellers, apothecaries, experienced the irresistible desire to handle the retort.

This whole thread is great Is that a mere concession the moderns are making to the ancients? By afterwards reducing these salts, either with other metals, with alkalies, coal, sugar or fatty bodies, they recovered, without transformation, the basic elements which they had previously combined. Thus, because of the difficulty one has of understanding it, because of the mystery of its enigmas and of the opacity of its parables, the science has come to be shut up among reveries, illusions, and chimeras.

The Arabs, educators of the Greeks and Persians, transmitted to Europe the science of Egypt and Babylon, augmented by their own acquisitions, throughout the European continent the Byzantine Road around the 8th century of our era. But these attempts as well as the methods which appeal to it showed no difference with those practiced today I our laboratories. Return to Book Page. In his Enigmas of the Streets of Paris, Edouard Fournier, whom we have just quoted, after having initiated us into the disputes between Louis XIV and Louvois during the building of the Hotel des Invalides in Paris, the latter wanting to place his coat of arms next to that of the King, thereby contravening the orders of the King, tells us that Louvois arranged in some manner to affix his memory on the Invalides in an immutable and very obvious manner.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers : Fulcanelli :

He explained to me, when I inquired about such a marvelous thing, that in sciences there was a truth, beyond which we always found ourselves away from simplicity, and that the more an idiom strayed from this truth the more it went below our conception and became more difficult to understand. They cultivated the science f the little particulars, according to the somewhat disdainful expression of the alchemists for these side activities unworthy of the philosopher.

Fabrizio Leone rated it really liked it Jan 10, Where does it come from?

Beau rated it it was amazing Sep 14, Yet it manifests itself all around us, under our very eyes, either by the new properties which matter inherits from it or by the phenomena which accompany its liberation. And thus is od the reason why our preference remains vested in the Middle Ages as it is revealed to us by Gothic buildings rather than in the same period as it is described by historians.


The time now is Furthermore, given the great antiquity of the hermetic thesis, we would have some reason to think that in the course of centuries it could possible have been confirmed by experimentation. In the 34 final analysis, he was a spagyrist confined to the mineral realm and who voluntarily neglected animal quintessences and vegetable alkaloids.

And the elemental agent fire, without which no combination can be effected, being excluded from the chemical notation, the entire science proves to be filled with gaps and incapable of providing through its formulas a logical and true explanation of the studied phenomena.

Ancient alchemists, who had, according to traditional sources, more knowledge than we are willing to grant them, assured us that the sun is a cold star and that its rays are dark 3. Guillaume concludes from these experiments, with much reason, that the metal behaved as an organic body would have done. Many philologists no doubt will not share our opinion and will remain convinced, along with the popular masses, that our language is of Latin origin only because they received that first notion on school benches.

But what people are generally unaware of is that the idiom from which the authors borrowed their terms is archaic Greek, the mother tongue according to the majority of Hermes disciples.

His good parents, as much to subdue him as to give a measure of prudence, had screwed him onto his chair. Scotus Erigena reminds us at times of Plato; scarcely anyone has taken philosophical freedom farther than he, and he boldly rises in this region of the skies where truth shines only in bolts like lightning; he thought for himself in the 9th century.

To transmute metals into one another, to produce gold and silver from coarse minerals, or from saline metallic compounds, to force the gold potentially contained in silver and the silver potentially contained in tin to become real and extractable, was what the archemist had in mind.

Full text of “Fulcanelli Dwellings Of The Philosophers”

Tge is the beginning of it, which is the essential part: Sicuramente l’alone di mistero che avvolge questa figura del secolo scorso ha contribuito a fomentare l’interesse verso il filosofo. Why would we refuse to this bas-relief the credit of a symbolic conception emanating from a cultivated brain, from a learned man affirming his love of study and teaching by this example?

Thus a large modem firm, specializing in the manufacture of sewing machines, adopted for its publicity a well-known poster. If the angle of intersection of any crystal is broken and if its is plunged thus mutilated back into the mother liquor which produced it, not only does it immediately repair its wound, but it also grows with a greater speed than that of intact crystals which had remained in the same solution. Omnia ab uno et in unum omnia 4.


Far from it; but they indicate truth within limits that are so restricted that their truth is nothing but a vanity. What we want to demonstrate without leaving the alchemical domain, is the grave error which dominates all of modern science and which prevents it from recognizing this universal principle which animates substance, to whatever kingdom it belongs.

How could one conceive that a construction signed with such a thought philosophres not belong to some unknown philosopher?

And so, contrary to philosophy which precedes dwellinbs, ensures the direction of ideas, and their practical connection; theories, conceived after the fact and modified according to the results of experiments as new acquisitions are made, always reflect the uncertainty of provisional things, and give modern science a character to perpetual empiricism.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

Sincere scientists, belonging to the creative schools of the same hypotheses — considered to be certainties — only grant them a very relative value; their field of action diminishes concurrently with the decrease of their power of investigation. How can we be surprised then, that so many excellent chemists took the wrong path, and that they deluded themselves by inquiring into a philosophes whose most elementary notions they were dwelliings of assimilating?

Several first rate men have successfully, albeit in philosophefs, illustrated it; for modern generations their works do not exist.

You may probably object that the best hermetic works contain many gaps, accumulate contradictions, are embellished with false recipes; you may say that the modus operandi varies from one author to the next and that, uflcanelli the theoretical development is the same with all, descriptions of the bodies used, on the other hand, rarely show a rigorous similarity among themselves.

Hie lapis est subtus te, supra te, erga te et circa te 1 2mnemonic verses entangle themselves, whimsically engraved with a stiletto on soft stone; one of them dominates, carved in Gothic cursive writing: The appeal of Fulcanelli as a cultural phenomenon is due partly to the mystery of most aspects of Fulcanelli is almost certainly a pseudonym assumed, during the early 20th century, by a French alchemist and esoteric author, whose identity is still debated. The analysis of the molecule and the atom fulcwnelli nothing: Today nothing could fulcaneli our conviction confirmed many times by the success obtained in the realm of material phenomena and of scientific results.

Everywhere trades are developing under the protection of medieval corporations; everywhere guildmen vie with one another in their skill; everywhere emulation multiplies masterpieces. Life is too short, tie too precious to waste in vain polemics, and it does not honor oneself to despise the knowledge of others.

Transmutation is a fact that we notice every day”.

Finally, an anonymous author of the 18th century 7 gives other reasons for the difficulty that we encounter in deciphering the enigma: