7 Jul 1. What is EJB? A server-side component, which manages the architecture for constricting enterprise applications and managed is called. 8 Mar 10 EJB Interview Questions and Answer from my collection of interview questions . I have been sharing interview questions on various topics. 28 Sep Interview question and answers on Java and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans). Good resource to test your skills and knowledge. If you have any.

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It consists of the ejb3 interview questions and answers objects that call the client and deal with the session to access the client side session and their activities. Other Java Interview questions articles: Entity Beans were presented in the earlier versions of EJB consisting of persistent data in distributed objects.

Each entity bean has its own pool. In these periods, the container can set the bean to the Passivate state.

Yes, remove can be a Stateless Session bean because the life remains the same till the method is executed. Top 10 Struts Interview Questions — Answered. What are the call back methods in Session bean Session bean callback methods ejb3 interview questions and answers whether it is Stateless or stateful Session bean. Is EJB Containers responsability to take care of knowing exactly how to track each session and redirect the request from a client to the correct instance of a Session Bean.

EJB provides an architecture to develop and deploy component based enterprise applications considering robustness, high scalability and high performance.

When Application Exception occurs, ejb container intercepts the exception but returns the same to the client as it is. An interceptor method is called by ejbContainer before business method call it is ejb3 interview questions and answers. Explain with an interfiew Stateless session beans Stateless Session Beans: In declarative transaction management, you specify the type of transaction support required by your EJB component.


It is a set of API and service interfaces. Here in intfrview objects are already available Whenever a client request for a database connection then an instance is picked from the connection pool to get an access to database and when user complete with his work instance ejb3 interview questions and answers returned to connection pool.

A query language which provides navigation through a network comprising enterprise beans and objects which are dependent and are defined by methods of container managed persistence. By the way I don’t have answer of these Enterprise Java beans questions but I will update the post once I have answers of all these interview questions asked on EJB interviews. Following is the list of callback annotations for entity bean: The instances are pooled and the client can only access a specific bean at a time.

Tools such as Eclipse have popularized the lazy-loading approach as they use the facility to control the load and initialization of heavyweight plug-ins. Dirrty Reads If transaction Ejb3 interview questions and answers updates a record in database followed by the transaction B reading the record then the transaction A performs iinterview rollback on its update operation, the result that transaction B had read is invalid as ejb3 interview questions and answers has been rolled back by transaction A.

When you want to send message to one or ejb3 interview questions and answers applications, message driven beans can be used. If ejv3 have not used two phase commit or distributed transaction along with EJB then you need to explore this topic in detail to answer this EJB interview question. ManyToMany – Objects are having many to many relationship.

Top 50 EJB Interview Questions & Answers

If a client is not associated with ibterview transaction, a new transaction is invoked automatically. Durablity means that all the data changes that made by the transaction must be written in some type of physical storage before the transaction is successfully completed. Message driven bean is a stateless bean ejb3 interview questions and answers is used to do task asynchronously.


Component is the basic entity that is used in Java beans. It is specific for each entity beans which has managed persistence of container.

What is the difference between activation and passivation Activation and Passivation is appilicable for only Stateful session bean and Entity bean.

Purpose of Static initializer block is to initialize some static fields before any execution of constructor or method or we can say creation of object. Dear readers, these EJB 3.

Copyright by Javin Paul A -d compiler flag is used for compilation of two interfaces and a bean class. You cannot really instantiate a new HttpSession object, and it does not ejb3 interview questions and answers any business logic, but is more of a place where to store objects.

The bean class should be coded with all the business logic’s. Following are the key benefits of EJB. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It allows the ejb3 interview questions and answers to be done to trigger the method calls and allow the messages to be provided with high level of abstraction.

Simple answer is use of Java annotation, ease of development etc.

20 EJB Interview Questions and Answers – Freshers, Experienced

Session bean gets destroyed as soon as user session terminates. What is the function of Message drive beans? What are the ways through which the EJB control can be extended? How ejb3 interview questions and answers Reverse Array in Place in Java? The session will be maintained till the customer logs out.