Fantasy Wargaming has 37 ratings and 6 reviews. Ned said: This is an artifact from the early days of role-playing. The authors are British students who p. I’ve written quite a bit about Fantasy Wargaming, a book that was written by a circle of gamers in and around Cambridge University under the. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All by Bruce Galloway and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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The item may be missing brcue original packaging such as the original box or bag or tags or in the original packaging but not sealed. On May 18, at 7: Modern reviewers frequently complain that such a list is lacking!

The vast majority of commercially available wargames rules now follow WRG basing, which is a good thing.

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway

Rules and Handouts is mostly a collection of downloadable handouts meant to be printed and used to speed character creation and game play. Perhaps he wadgaming some of the unsigned illustrations, or helped with the army and weapons lists?

Jan 16, William Sariego rated it liked it.

I’ve actually got two copies of this, one in each size, which I collected from various used bookstores over the years. Age of Dusk Roleplaying, reviews and associated paraphernalia. I asked more about the authorship and some other issues after the first email, and Nick gave me a trove fantaasy interesting information.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Fantasy Wargaming

Matt Finch July 22, at About the Setting is the largest section of the site. Clergy could start with the option to improve Knowledge and Communication; warriors with Physical; rural dwellers might get to add to Survival; lower Social Classes that qualify to be Thieves in FW get Subterfuge, etc. Bruce was, I think, in the year above me, studying history, and I only knew him in my second undergraduate year The effects of some poisons are given but you need to read between the lines to determine if there is any saving throw the chapter on GMing seems to recommend allowing saves when asked.


Regarding the lead editor, I would eventually confirm that he got his Ph. On July 15, at 4: Still, Arthurian lore is covered as three distinct settings, the historical, the Welsh, and the Chivalric legends.

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway (1982, Hardcover)

For years it confounded me, especially the rules on character creation. The item may be a factory brcue or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities. Lastly religious XP is explained. Illustrated Fantasy Hardcover Books. One could gain adventuring XP for overcoming obstacles but mathematically no combat XP until first level either.

Still have it, though I’d say it’s worth owning just as an example of the historical record for RPGs. I was only there for about three or four weeks until I got a much nicer flat. Knightsky July 23, at 8: In fact the monsters are discussed very briefly and in general gallway.

Tetsubo July 22, at gallloway I remember a chap in a long trenchcoat travelling all the way to my parents house near Southend on Sea and grilling me in our front room about Bruce while my mother ferried in cups of tea and plates of biscuits. Demonic possession, familiars, necromancy, and more all fit into the theory of the Ethereal plane and commands.

Later on their are rules concerning the self-conjuration of spirits that can allow mortals to accumulate 32 x ML mana too. The cover pic carried a positive charge. There is also a small section on what few house rules I will be using. Dave Edens rated it liked it May 28, Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway Editor. brucr


Check out the new site at www. I’ve been slogging my way through Fantasy Wargaming’s ever-so simple rules section with an eye on posting about this weird book over on Pole and Rope. But if the power appealed to is not really capable of performing the favor asked, it will appeal higher up its hierarchy, possibly all the way up to God or the Devil.

Still, as you say, James, FWG is fun to read waragming, if only to ask yourself what the Hell these guys were thinking. WRG Wargames Research Group publishes some of the most popular historical wargame rules and added a fantasy supplement for their 4th edition rules, and later published the stricly fantasy Hordes of the Things rules, which I whole-heartedly endorse.

Fantasy Wargaming

Heck, are there even cards? Knightsky July 22, at 6: The funny thing is that I still own a copy of this book. About sixty types of creature are detailed, including several specific giants such as Giolla Fantasyy and his horse!

Anyway, a week after I had convinced them that Bruce valloway a sound chap, he resigned, and went back to the Ph. But on the actual writing, my recollection is that we were each assigned chapters to write mine was the rather minor ch.

Richard H Gross rated it really liked it Jan 03,