Conceived at the height of the Great Depression, Wright never intended to build Broadacre City but rather used it as a vehicle to address. By Claire Robertson. The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright () created some of America’s most magnificent buildings, including. could have only one answer: Frank Lloyd Wright (). Wright unveiled his model of Broadacre City, illustrated in Plate 29 at Rockefeller Center, New.

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Read a free sample Buy from the Design Store. These metropolitan areas surrounding cities require automobile dependence. Moreover, it arguably inhibits a sense of community within a town, as homes, shops, and places of work and leisure are too spread out from each other.

Frank Lloyd Wright and Broadacre City

This article relies largely or entirely on a wrihht source. He was disgusted by the rot and coercion in urban centers. Wright developed this idea with his idea of spreading houses throughout the landscape. Similar services were found in distinct zones of the city.

We hope that preserving this singular model will enable people frahk continue to appreciate and learn from Wright, both as an architect and as an urban planner.

Small houses in the Valley were surrounded by trees and grown broafacre. In a sense it was the exact opposite of transit-oriented development. Broadacre City was an urban or suburban development concept proposed by Frank Lloyd Wright throughout most of his lifetime.

Wright disliked dense, industrial cities, and wanted to create low-density neighbourhoods that consisted of generous plots of land. During a time when he was not getting many commissions, and therefore had more time to reflect and innovate, Wright created the concept of Broadacre City. There is a train station and a few office and apartment buildings in Broadacre City, but the apartment dwellers are expected to be a small minority. This page was last updated on June 5, Today, people can communicate and work from their houses.


Wright advocated for a multidimensional freedom and a city with no slum or scum and no traffic jams. The House and Its History 2nd Revised ed. Feedback This record is a work in progress.

Broadacre City – Wikipedia

The city had a futuristic highway and airfields in effort to help curb traffic. Lost elements were carefully recorded, but most were not refabricated.

Furthermore, large highways are unsuitable and dangerous for cyclists to use. Whilst Wright believed in the importance lloud nature and sustainability, sprawl arguably counteracted any benefits.

Broadacre City

Aided by the staff of Avery and Taliesin East, we located historic photographs of the model taken shortly after it was completed, which we compared to the broxdacre in its present state. He believed that houses should all come with their own plots of land, and that this would help families to grow and eat their own food.

Detail showing label with signatures of Wright and his fellows. There were public service stations and comfortable vehicles with the city divided into various units.

Furthermore, surely greater freedom comes from being able to walk or use wrjght transport, instead of relying on the automobile.

For additional information about using content from MoMA. Made of wood, paint, paper, and particle board, this model had spent the last 70 odd llkyd uncovered and in uncontrolled climates.

What is a Broadacre City? –

This record is a work in progress. However, even though this sounds beneficial, high density arguably leads to a sense of collective spirit within a community. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pfeiffer, Frank Lloyd Wright — Without any reference to the future, most of what Wright envisioned have been achieved through internet computing.


Its philosophy was deeply individualistic; its layout was conspicuously wasteful.

To take full advantage of all of the wrighf on MoMA. Broadacre City was the antithesis of a city and the apotheosis of the newly born suburbiashaped through Wright’s particular vision. There were farm units, factory units, roadside markets, leisure areas, schools and living spaces. The model was oriented vertically to facilitate access to the center.

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Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. Frank Lloyd Wright and the City: He described this idea in his book, The Disappearing City Historic photograph from s showing detail of Broadacre City model with rectangular residences. Broadacre was to be a city with no traffic jams, and people could move easily, communicate, and work from the comfort of vroadacre homes. The design concept focused on the social right of every citizen, especially the family unit, to their place on land and air, where they ,loyd free to socialize.

The organic buildings were also cheap to build and considered the interests of all social classes thus settling on what was affordable to the middle and some lower social frnk.