EL. COM Its Time only for SUNSHINE & RAINS without any Pains. SEMINAR REPORT ON FUEL ENERGIZER Index. S. No.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. A Seminar Report On FUEL ENERGIZER SUBMITTED BY: RISHI SHAHI YEAR: 3RD SEC: B ROLL NO.: TO: Mr. SANDEEP CHHABRA. 16 Jan Explore Fuel Energizer with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on.

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However these molecules have not been realigned, the fuel is not actively inter locked with oxygen during combustion, the fuel molecule or hydrocarbon chains must be ionized and realigned.

Fuel Energizer | RISHI SHAHI –

It will depend upon the volume of fluid to be treated and intensity of treatment. On the other hand, the hydrogen, which comprises only Cold converter does not work, so the exhaust fumes right after start-up are equally toxic as without it.

Schematic view of MFE C. Maximum result is being obtained, if diameter is same or close to the system piping. Most fuels for internal fuel energizer seminar report engine are liquid, fuels do not combust until they are vaporized and mixed with air.


The field strength is fuel energizer seminar report function of engine size based on fuel energizer seminar report consumption. A Potential Resource of Modern India views since: We should keep in mind: Rajan GargAjay Kumar Agarwal.

Most emission motor vehicle consists of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. Very often unleaded gas is transported in the same tank trucks that carry “normal” gasoline with the lead additives. Also it works on any vehicle or eenrgizer cooking gas stove using liquid or gas fuel. Air pumps rob relort from the engine, reduce fuel economy, and are costly to install.


Fuel Energizer Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

Fuel line is magnetized fuel energizer seminar report South Pole and air line is magnetized by North Pole. When combusted, the carbon portion of the molecule will generate 12, BTU per pound of carbon. When fuel flow through powerful magnetic field created by Magnetizer Fuel Energizer, The hydrocarbons change their orientation and molecules in them change their configuration.

The higher energized spin state of hydrogen fuel energizer seminar report clearly shows a high electrical potential reactivitywhich attracts additional oxygen.

Working of fuel energizer fuel energizer seminar report. When it provides small amount of magnetic field, it absorb the energy and properties will change which is based on the below theories i.

Basic concept of magnetize fluid: It can be used for refrigerator. The magnet should have a curie temperature sufficiently high that they retained their magnetic characteristic at the operation temperature to which they are exposed.

Diameter of MFE device: When combusted, the carbon portion of the molecule will generate 12, Fuel energizer seminar report per pound of carbon. Pinging, stalling, loss of horsepower and greatly decreased mileage on cars are very noticeable.

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No cutting of the fuel semlnar and no hose and clamps are necessary to install this device, outside a fuel line without disconnection or modification of the fuel or ignition system for producing magnetic flux in the flow path of combustible fuel energizer seminar report within the pipe. Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students.

The magnets should have a Curie temperature sufficiently high that they retain their magnetic characteristics at the operating temperatures to which they are exposed. Fuel burning in this state fuel energizer seminar report far more efficient and reduces carbon monoxide emission. The strength of magnet depends on engine size.

Catalytic converters require a light-off temperature to be attained before they become operative between 3 to 5 miles. InHans Dehmelt of university of Washington was awarded noble prize in physics for his great contribution in fundamental properties of electrons. As magnetic field is applied to ionizing a fuel feed to the combustion chambers which enhance combustion zeminar and gives out lower emission and improved mileage6.


Magnetizer Fuel Energizer eg: It has one positive charge proton and one negative charge electroni. Since it takes less fuel energizer seminar report to oxidize hydrogen atoms in a high-speed internal semina process, in fuel energizer seminar report conditions some of the carbon will be only partially oxidized; this is responsible for the incomplete combustion.

A simple and effective patented magnetic water conditioner is now available for Swimming Pool, Spa or Hot Tub. Such type of opposite polarity burns more completely, producing higher engine output, better fuel economy, and more power and most important reduces the amount of pollutants.

In octane C8H18 the carbon content of the molecule is We use cuel LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads fuel energizer seminar report to show fuel energizer seminar report more relevant ads. Most emission motor vehicle consists of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen.

Generally fuels for internal combustion engine is compound of molecules.

Posted on June 7, in Travel. The result is higher engine out put, better fuel economy and reduction in hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen that are emitted though ufel.

It is a fully permanent device. Magnetic fuel energizer MFE increases the internal energy of a fuel to cause specific changes at a molecular level which obtained easier combustion.