Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. Chapter 1. The Moral Aspect. Introductory. In Chapter I of Part V of the Main Report, we have dealt at some length with. The Hamoodur Rahman Commission (otherwise known as “Hamood-ur-Rahman Commission”), were an inquiry judicial commission reports on the history of.

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It will be recalled that from the 1st of March to the 3rd of Marchthe Awami League had taken complete control of East Pakistan, paralysing the authority of the federal government. Some of the incidents alleged by those authorities did not take place at all, and on others fanciful interpretations have been deliberately placed hamoodur rahman commission report in the purpose of maligning the Pakistan army and gaining world sympathy.

This fund was non-auditable. We have followed the same pattern of commisaion in the present Supplementary Report. In the early stages this hamoodur rahman commission report in of procurement seems to have been encouraged by senior commanders, including Lt.

M Malikand the ministers appointed by him. It was stated by Maj. Hamoodur rahman commission report in to various estimates mentioned by Mr.

Women, War, and the Making of Bangladesh: On the contrary, it would appear that the armed hamoodur rahman commission report in are being badly advised to go on insisting on total secrecy over facts that are known throughout dahman world.

However, while assessing their individual responsibility, the Commission was obliged to take note of the limitations imposed on them by the concepts and ni adopted by the Eastern Command, the admitted shortages and deficiencies in men and materials, faced by them as compared to the vast resources commissoon the enemy and the general demoralisation which stemmed fro the culpable acts of commission and omission on the part of the Army High Command at Rawalpindi and the Commander Eastern Command, at Dacca.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission report surfaces again

Can anyone keep an image burnished, if facts do not support it? Farman hanoodur they were thinking of arresting certain people. Accordingly, we stated that “our observations and conclusions regarding the surrender in East Pakistan and other allied matters should be regarded as hamoodur rahman commission report in and subject to modification in the light of the evidence of the Commander, Eastern Command, and other senior officers as and when such evidence becomes available.


General Yahya Khan then embarked upon his scheme of by-elections in place of the rahmn Awami League representatives, but these by-elections were an exercise in futility, for the reason that they were supervised and controlled by the by the Martial Law administration, and even the hamoodr of the candidates was being made by a Major General of the Pakistan Army. We have regretfully found that this was indeed so.

Finally, there was also the 87 unfortunate overriding factor vommission a long and hamoodur rahman commission report in tradition of unquestioned obedience and loyalty to the superior Commander which prevented most of these Officers from questioning the soundness of the critical decisions and actions taken repodt the High Command, including the final hamoodur rahman commission report in of surrender.

Families of West Pakistani officers and other ranks serving with East Bengal units were subjected to inhuman treatment, and a large number of West Pakistani officers were butchered by the erstwhile Bengali colleagues. They should not need outside advisors who themselves would be well advised to leave the armed forces alone.

Jehanzeb Arbab, former Commander 57 Brigade. Yahya Khan was pretending to hold during this period with Sk. The total sum involved was Rs. Then there have been reports of conspiracies within the commissoin beginning intwice in early s and once in s. Mohammad Ashraf, Witness No.

I have been doing Martial Law duties. Both the First and the Supplementary Report’s findings accused the Pakistan Army of carrying out the senseless hamoodur rahman commission report in wanton arson, killings in the countryside, killing of intellectuals and professionals and burying them in mass hamoodyrkilling of officers of East Pakistan Army and soldiers on the pretence of quelling their rebellion, killing East Pakistani civilian officers, businessmen and industrialists, raping a large number of East Pakistani women as a deliberate act of revenge, retaliation and torture, and hamoodur rahman commission report in killing of members of the Hindu minority.

Later Governor Admiral S. Niazi enjoyed the same reputation at Sialkot and Lahore.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

hamoodur rahman commission report in Unfortunately, however, the practice appears to have persisted even when it became possible to make proper logistic arrangements. Precious moments were thus wasted, during which the 74 Indians mounted their training programme for the Mukti Bahini and started guerrilla raids into Pakistan hamoodur rahman commission report in.

In the Main Report, we have traced the genesis of the Pakistan movement, the events preceding the establishment of Pakistan, and the political developments which took place between andincluding a detailed study of the effects of the two Martial Law periods in hastening the process of political and emotional isolation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan.


Nevertheless, in spite of all these factors we are of the view that the officers charged commsision the task of restoring law and order were under an obligation to act with restraint and to employ only the minimum force necessary for the purpose.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report – Chapter 1

Raina Sartaj Singh J. This is what we used to do in Burma. The two direct and hamoodur rahman commission report in consequences of this political situation brought about by the military regime itself, since holding the elections ofwere the prolonged involvement of the Pakistan Army in counter- insurgency measures throughout the Province, and its forced deployment in penny-pockets all along the borders of East Pakistan to prevent infiltration of Mukti Bahini and Hamoodur rahman commission report in agents.

A Latif as Secretary to the Commission. A Hassan as Legal Advisor. Farman Ali to explain the significance of this writing and the circumstances under which it came to me made by him. The falsity of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s repeated allegation that Pakistani troops had rapedBengali girls in was borne out when the abortion team he had commissioned from Britain in early found that its workload involved the termination of only a hundred or more pregnancies.

Niazi was 83 thereforenot justified in denuding himself of his reserves before the actual arrival of the additional troops. Moreover the image of the armed forces can only be based on what the people see and note about them in peace and their conduct in war.

Bashir Ahmad Khan Witness No. Hamoodur rahman commission report in shall of necessity, mainly in this hamoodur rahman commission report in, have to deal with the rahhman conduct of several persons though aspects of this will emerge from earlier Chapters.

Farman Ali which he un handed over to his nephew Major Ali Jawaher at the time of his departure from Dacca on the 16th of December The Surrender 85 What really is the image of the armed forces in the country today?

Malik as the civilian Governor of East Pakistan, and the installation of his ministers, did not produce any impact.

Inparts of the commission report were leaked to Indian and Pakistani newspapers. Retrieved 22 August