getAllChildren().get(0).getAllChildren(); StringBuffer stringBuffer = new StringBuffer(); for (PdfOutline bookmark: bookmarks) { showTitle(bookmark, stringBuffer); }. Tags: iText 7building blocksChapter 6tutorialactionsdestinationsBookmarks drawn by the PDF viewer that renders annotations on top of the existing content. Interactivity within PDF documents is enabled though Anchors (links) and Bookmarks. Following earlier articles in my iTextSharp series, this.

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When clicking the first link, the colors would be inverted. Defines the style of the title. We get the current page number using the getNumberOfPage itextshqrp. It now looks like this:. Creating actions, destinations, and bookmarks Tags: Many methods, such as methods that communicate with a server, are restricted, but you also have some extra methods that are specific boikmark PDF.

The page is displayed with its contents magnified just enough to fit the document window, both horizontally and vertically. When rendered to the PDF, the word “here” is underlined and in blue, and clicking on it brings “Local Goto Destination” to the top of the screen.

That’s a great question, but the answer might require being read more than once. The link jumps to another page iteztsharp the document and shows this page in full.


In line 1, we create the same JavaScript action as in the previous example. Jekyll on page 2″jekyll2.

We can fix this by creating explicit destinations. Add p4 ; doc. The root tag is always named Bookmark. If the required zoom factors for the horizontal and the vertical magnification are different, the smaller of the two is used. You have a whole team and no one did an effort visiting the official iText web site.

Clone or import pages between PDF documents in C# and VB.NET

The page is displayed so that the page fits within the document window horizontally the entire width of the page is visible. Jekyll on page 2″.

When you use this method on a building block, you can define actions that will be triggered when clicking on its content. We get the root outline from the PdfDocument and we add an outline to this root object with the first title we encounter. The PDF viewer is usually a closed container exusting doesn’t have access to the browser functionality. Nest, a Section object is added to the Chapter, with 3 arguments: A more elegant solution would be to jump to the start of the actual existkng.

Creating actions, destinations, and bookmarks Chapter 6: Jumps to the page with page number pagenum. Add new Chunk ” to find local bookamrk ; p4. We will even be able to use that name outside of the PDF document, but let’s take a look at the UpdatePageRenderer before we do so. We create a PdfDocument line 2 to which we add a single page line 3.


In PDF language, we often use the terms itextshzrp tree or outlines as synonyms for bookmarks. Please consult the appendix to find out for which objects the setAction method can be used.

Adding bookmarks (iText 5)

This is an alternative to using the Link object. GetFont “Arial”12, Font. One of the parameters in O was null. I modified my code with the help of BookmarkedTimeTable. It also shows how you can change the color and style of an element in the outline tree, and how you can change the open or existnig status of each outline element.

We can only know if that happens when the title paragraph is rendered. This one has its SetLocalDestination method invoked, again with a string defining the location of the target.

If you got a possible solution to your problem, then please mark the post as answer. The first thing you need is the root of the outline tree.

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