Klipsch KSW Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Klipsch KSW Owner’s Manual & Warranty. Full text of “Klipsch KSW Series Powered Subwoofers Owner’s Manual” Power Cord Protection. Power cables should be routed so they are unlikely to be . View full Klipsch KSW 12 specs on CNET. Header. Brand. Klipsch. Product Line. Klipsch KSW. Model. Localization. English. Packaged Quantity. 1.

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If the subwoofer is installed near your television and color distortion is noted, simply move the sub- woofer farther away from your television until the interference disappears. The device should be cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s klipsch ksw 12 manual. All operating and safety instructions should be followed.

Full text of “Klipsch KSW Series Powered Subwoofers Owner’s Manual”

For optimal performance, use equal lengths left and right inputs of the same manyal quality speaker cable that you are using to connect your main speakers. It is typically used with the newest 5. The device should always be located in such a way that it maintains proper ventilation. There may be several options for placement of the subwoofer in your room that will effect its frequency response and output level.

The device should be unplugged from the wall outlet when it is not klipsch ksw 12 manual use for extended periods. There klipsch ksw 12 manual no user-serviceable parts inside. Thank you for choosing Klipsch loudspeakers.

The LFE connection is an optional line level connection that can be used in conjunction with either type of hookup. This product is equipped with a polarized line plug that has one blade wider klipsch ksw 12 manual the other. The device should be serviced by a Klipsch authorized service center when: Setting the filter too high will cause an overlap in the bass frequencies reproduced by your main speakers resulting in muddy and indistinct klipsch ksw 12 manual.

If the polarity of one of the subwoofer input wires is klipsch ksw 12 manual, the output manuzl the subwoofer will be diminished. Be sure that the connections from the amp to all of the speakers in your system are connected in a like manner. Proper adjustment of this control helps smooth the transition in the bass frequencies between your main speakers and the subwoofer. Consult your Klipsch dealer for specific cable recommendations. This also applies to any receiver or integrated amplifier that possesses manjal channel pre-amp kzw subwoofer outputs.


Do not connect another subwoofer to these outputs as they are high pass maanual bass frequencies removed. The KSW models provide more powerful amplifiers, all-new driver designs and greater ease of use, making them an incredible value. This will provide a significant 6dB increase in ,lipsch subwoofer’s output level. Should you have any questions or klipsch ksw 12 manual more information on Synergy or other Klipsch products, please contact us.

We will be happy to assist you, and welcome your klipsch ksw 12 manual. In the latter case, make a request for inspection from the klipsch ksw 12 manual company and hold the product in its original shipping k,ipsch for the inspector. If you have any questions regarding the installation or connection of your subwoofer, please contact your Klipsch dealer or contact us directly at All other servicing should be referred to qualified personnel. Amplifiers can create extremely high levels of distortion when operated at full output and can damage your loudspeakers.

If it is not, check the AC fuse. Would you like to receive the latest product updates and news via e-mail? Our fourth generation KSW powered subwoofers will add an exciting new jlipsch to your home entertainment system, providing outstanding bass reproduction of your favorite music and movies.

Consult your Klipsch dealer for recommendations. If the fuse blows again when the subwoofer is powered up, return klipsch ksw 12 manual unit to your authorized Klipsch dealer for servicing by qualified personnel. Pour eviter les chocs electriques, introduire la lame la plus large de la fiche dans la borne correspondante de la prise et pousser jusqu’au fond. M ost speaker wire is color-coded or has some distinguishing feature differentiating the two conductors.


The user should not attempt to service the device beyond what is described in the operating instructions. Proof of purchase in klipsch ksw 12 manual form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice, which is evidence that this product is within the warranty period, must be presented to obtain warranty service. Your loudspeaker left the factory in perfect condition in packaging carefully engineered to protect both the working parts and finish.

It does not matter which wire conductor is connected to the positive or negative connection of your equipment as long as you are consistent. If no signal is sent for a period of 15 minutes, the sub will klipsch ksw 12 manual itself off. As well, a subwoofer connected to the rear channels of a surround system performs best when positioned in the rear of the room.

For products that have electronics or amplifiers, the warranty on those parts is for a klipsch ksw 12 manual of two 2 years from the date of purchase. Refer to the lefthand side of Figure B.

Klipsch KSW-12 Subwoofers

It does not effect the volume level of your main speakers. In these situations, the “LOW PASS” klipsch ksw 12 manual should be set near the low frequency limit of your main speakers typically at the lowest setting of the control with larger, full-range speakers.

This Warranty is invalid if a the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from this product or b this product was not purchased from a KLIPSCH authorized dealer. Please Check Promptly for Transit Damage. You klipsch ksw 12 manual need to ship this product in either its original manyal or packaging affording an equal degree of protection.