explains recreational dive planners and how to use them, both the PADI and NAUI tables. Need a NAUI dive table? Here is one you can look at and print out! To download a larger image of this table click on the photo below. At the next page click on.

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The package is an educational system that includes: See what a big impact the extra bottom time has on surface interval time? If your Naui dive tables is less than 10 minutes, you must consider your second dive as a continuation of the first dive. That is where the ” Letter Groups ” come in. Dives to less than 40 feet depth are treated as 40 foor dives Do not naui dive tables faster than 30 feet per minute To maximize dive time, start with the deppest dive, and then make each repetitive dive shallower than the prior one.

Please note that due to differing screen resolutions and color depths, not everyone will see the data equally clearly. For most divers, yes, they have replaced the tables. For example, if you naui dive tables a dive to 18 meters 60 feet for 22 minutes, the 22 minutes rounds to 25 minutes.

Nai letter A represents a small amount of nitrogen and the amount of nitrogen increases as the letters progress towards L.

VAD system promises excellent and natural breathing at any depth. Naui dive tables accessories must be easily accessible and properly stowed when not in use.

NAUI Plastic Air Dive Table

The closer the letter is to the beginning of the naui dive tables, the less residual nitrogen you have in your body. Can you now just use that same dive table, strap on a fresh tank of air, and go right back down for a second look at that reef?

Beginning Scuba We all have to start somewhere What does that mean? Residual nitrogen after a dive See, the problem is that while science has determined that it is safe to ascend from 60 feet after 35 minutes — “safe” meaning that nitrogen gets released at a sufficiently slow rate so as not to pose a danger — it does NOT mean ALL the nitrogen that was absorbed into your body down there was released during ascent.

So on your second dive to 50 feet, you naui dive tables have as much nitrogen in your system as you’d absorb naui dive tables 31 minutes down there. And since dive computers record your actual descent and the actual depths you stay at, their data is more accurate and give you more bottom time in multi-level diving than dive tables which assume you stay at the deepest depth the entire time.


Some don’t even need a pressure hose and get the data via a naui dive tables transmitter instead. Obviously, the longer you wait, the more of the extra nitrogen your body absorbed during the naui dive tables dive gets released.

So the total nitrogen is as if you’d stayed down there for 76 minutes, naui dive tables 76 minutes your Total Nitrogen Time and you are in End-of-Dive Letter Group J.

Anytime an ending pressure group is Y or Zall following surface intervals must be three hours.

The blade is treated for rust prevention. With degree views the ST Full Face Snorkel Mask naui dive tables you with the best field of view with the added safety guarantee of shatterproof window. The Depth gauge is oil filled 0 to feet or 0 to 70 meters luminescent face with a max depth indicator. After your first dive you are in a certain Pressure Group, as shown in Table 1. About Us Naui dive tables Dog Scuba and Photo offers all levels of scuba diving classes, gear rentals, as well as a showroom featuring a full line of scuba and underwater camera gear.

And there are other formats as well. Use naui dive tables next greater dive time if your dive is particularly cold or strenuous. Actual Dive Time ADT This is the elapsed time from the moment you begin your descent from the surface until the time you return to the surface. That would also be Letter Group “G”.

My suggestion is to use and understand one set of tables and stick with them. How long would you have to wait on the surface? It takes less than 1 business da. It essentially tells you how much nitrogen leaves your body over the time you spend on the surface, sitting on the deck of the dive boat.

Some of the fizz stays in, and only after a few hours or even a day or two does it go all “flat. Multiple dive rules naui dive tables Anytime the ending die group on the PADI naui dive tables is W or Xall following surface intervals must be at least an hour. This time is also known as the Naui dive tables Allowable Dive Time or no-decompression ddmit.

The Atomic SV2 Snorkel combines the Scupper Valve lower section with the sleek looking Semi Naui dive tables top with horizontal vents that tqbles splashed water that would normally enters the top. That’s important stuff and not to be ignored, ever. Which means if you go down to the same depth, you can’t stay as long as the first time. Add to comparison chart Compare Products.


As is, “Residual Nitrogen Time” naui dive tables you how much time at a certain depth it would take to absorb the amount of nitrogen you already have in your body from the previous dive, naui dive tables you can find that in Table 3the Repetitive Dive Timetable. Emergency Decompression — If for some reason nahi exceed a no decompression limit naui dive tables tablew to five minutes, you must make an 8-minute decompression stop at 15 feetand then not dive nuai six hours. Let’s say you do that first 35 dice 60 foot dive, ending up in Pressure Group N, and then want to see dibe dive hables that’s 50 feet down and you’d like to explore for 40 minutes.

When you unscrew the cap, pressure is suddenly reduced and the soda foams as carbonation is released. You find that your surface interval needs to be just minutes. Letter Group — As expained above, for repetitive dive planning purposes it represents the “Letter Group” of the amount of nitrogen that remains in your body after a dive.

Flip the card and see where your current Pressure Group, row N,intersects with naui dive tables Pressure Group you’ll be in after that second dive, L.

NAUI Plastic Air Dive Table – Education Materials – Scuba Equipment Dive Gear Best Prices

Looking to accessorize this item or modify this package? There is also tabels line cutter and naui dive tables serrated naui dive tables of the blade for easy cutting. All of the items combine with just a “click” using the Flex-Connect mounting system. It is also called a dive profile, especially when it is one dive in a sequence of dives.

As explained in the “Physics” and “Physiology” sections, when we dive, our body tissues absorb nitrogen.

Dive Tables Review | NAUI Worldwide. Dive Safety Through Education

Let’s say you do that first 35 minute 60 foot dive, ending up in End-of-Dive Letter Group G, and then want to see another dive site that’s 50 feet down and you’d like to explore for 40 minutes. Flip the chart and intersect column D with row N. naui dive tables

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