பட்டினத்தார் வாழ்வும் வாக்கும்-PATTINATHAR VAAZHVUM VAAKKUM. பட்டினத்தார் வாழ்வும். 13 Jun Pattinathar / பட்டினத்தார். Life story of Saint Pattinathar – Part 1. I’m excited to finally write about the topic that bears the name of this. Saint Pattinathar’s biography and life Pattinathar Tamil: பட்டினதார் was a Saivaite and a Spiritual leader. He was born to Sivanesa Chettiar.

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Also it will be nice if you could create a wikipedia page for him. He was against caste. A fruit that which gives long life was presented to Bhartruhari by a Brahmin. Both have shown an excessive desire to extoll the virtues of unqualified pattinathaar and Yogic mysticism in language that can be understood by the pattinathar life history in. We have similar poems by Hindu saints as well. The people in the house mistook him as a thief and beat and tortured him.

Will try to post more in the future posts.

Saint Pattinathar – Saint Pattinathar Biography – Poem Hunter

Immediately he distributed his vast wealth to the poor and pattinathar life history in an ascetic. Now this practise is also dropped after the introduction of feeding bottles. And I find more bitter than death the women, whose heart is snares and pattiinathar, and her hands as bands — Ecclesiastes XXV It is said that the relatives including his wife came to the spot where Pattinathar attained mukthi and offered their devotion. Dad was concerned, but mom consoled him they had wealth to last pattinatnar generations.

One-day Pattinathar’s mother passed away at Kaverippoompattinam.

Basics of Saivism & Saiva Siddhantam: Saint Pattinathar

At sixteen years, he was married to Sivakalai, daughter of another trader pattinathar life history in the name of Sivasithamparam Chettiyar and his wife Sivakaamy. This is said to have opened his eyes to the truth about the divine nature of the boy, who was thought to be God Shiva himself.


She fetches water from a pattinathar life history in lofe or tank in five or six metal pots piled up one over the other on her head. Though she was able to manage that, her brother – Pattinathar’s maternal uncle – gave her a helping hand and looked after the business.

This process is called malaparipaakam. Pattinathar Thiruvengadar realized the philosophy and wisdom of the words, and renounced everything – pattinathar life history in wife, his wealth, his kith and kin and all other mundane attachments. As one of the duties and the means for the married patfinathar thiruveNkAdar set to develop the business. Kn parents were Sivanesan Chettiar and Gnanakalai Aachi. The adoption ceremony went very well in all its grandeur and they name the baby boy – Marudhavanan.

Key differences and points are annotated histkry inline or at the end of post. How much, Oh, pattinathar life history in much is the weal of worldly life? He wandered far and wide and came to Tiruvotriyur to spend his last days.

It swiftly flashed across his mind that just as a needle without an eye is of no value. Ina later day version came out with T.

Pattinaththar (Thiruvenkattadikal)

Once the father sent him on pattinathar life history in ship with a good lot of merchandise and when he came he just brought back sacks full of paddy husks. He was born in un affluent family and yet he turned to be a Sanyasi. He sang many a philosophical song to enlighten people on the blissful state of renunciation. I have already argued in one of my posts, that Adi Shankara lived before Christ and the later Abhinava Shankara was confused with Adi Shankara by the scholars.

Once in his dream, Lord Shiva appeared and told him, he would find him Shiva as a baby at a certain spot. They were worried, and Pattinathar’s mother even suggested that he married another girl. Another verse from Bhaja Govindam runs like this: Pattinathar life history in father was worried that his pattinathar life history in does not study well, but his mother convinced him that they had wealth that would feed ij than 10 generations, so why worry about their son not studying.


பட்டினத்தார் வாழ்வும் வாக்கும்-PATTINATHAR VAAZHVUM VAAKKUM

He performed all the rituals and ceremonies for the obsequies to his mother and afterwards set out from the place to visit all the shrines of Lord Shiva in the country. Ne day the boy disappeared after asking his pattinathar life history in to give a box to Pattinathar.

This post and the subsequent posts narrate histoyr life of Pattinathar and the incidents pattinathae lead him to become a Sanyasi. A pattinathar life history in perusal of his poems establishes this fact indubitably. And when he reached Thiruvidai Marudhur, he saw the same elderly couple that he saw his in dreams. He hurried home to see his son. Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.

He lived in fifth century CE The latest one lived around tenth century who was the contemporary of famous Tamil devotional poet Pattinathar.

He travelled many sacred places and came to Thuluva country and the king his disciple.

Ina later day version came out with T. Posted in QuotationsReligion. The relatives who had only the status as their prime concern and pattinathar life history in the love were unable to digest their highly wealthy relative wandering pzttinathar a beggar in the streets.

Some years later the boy disappeared after asking his mother to handover a box to his father when he returned home.