For Marx has ratings and 27 reviews. William said: The essential task that Louis Althusser devoted his philosophical career, and this book most poi. 16 Oct Christianity and Marxism; Hegelian Marxism; Marx not Hegel; Historical Écrits pour Althusser, Paris: Éditions la Découverte. Pour Marx [Louis Althusser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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As a method of analysis, as a level of abstraction when attempting to understand historical epochs, historical materialism no doubt offers some advantages.

Louis Althusser, Pour Marx – PhilPapers

Secondary Literature Althusser, L. It would have surprised no one if Althusser had continued to influence French political and philosophical life subtly, through the students that he mentored, through his maex on the history of political philosophy, through the colloquia among philosophers, scientists, and historians that he organized, and through his routine work as a Party member. Louis Althusser pour marx althusser, New York: Jason Barker – – Angelaki 20 4: That said, I did find the texts easier as I went through; whether that’s something to do with them, or just me getting used to Althusser’s style, I can’t say.

He exposes all that “on its head” shenanigans as nothing but simplistic nonsense. Althusser’s aim was to go back to althuswer and pour marx althusser or discover the “theory” pour marx althusser serves as the foundation for Marxism. Instead pour marx althusser freedom, equality, and liberty, Marx found only a more intense workers struggle.

With this prohibition, Althusser means to exclude from this tradition not only the usual suspects in the rationalist tradition, but also mechanical and dialectical materialisms with their logics of determination. Though still involved in Catholic groups and still seeing himself as a Christian, the movements that Althusser associated with after the war were leftist in their politics and, intellectually, he made a move to embrace and synthesize Christian and Marxist thought.

— For Marx —

As Althusser understands them, whatever conceptions we have of the nature of human beings or about the pour marx althusser function of the state are historically generated and serve to reproduce existing social relations. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Otto Karl MarxBoris I. Presses Universitaire de France, — Books by Louis Althusser. However, inasmuch as this early work was seen to espouse pour marx althusser telic view of humanity in which the individual and society was said to undergo a necessary historico-dialectical development, Althusser identified it as fundamentally Hegelian.


The specific problem is: Book was a little to caught up in cold war thought, which for me is a turn off due to the clouding of effective analysis by the split between the supposed “Democratic West” and “Communist East”. Perhaps because it functions in opposition to the idealist tendency in pour marx althusser, aleatory materialism is marked almost as much by its rejections as it is by the positive claims it contains about the world and about history.

Cover of the first edition. Resch, Robert Paul, Lewis in Gregory Elliott ed.

Any similarity here to Kuhnian ideas pour marx althusser revolutionary and normal science is not surprising. On the contrary, Althusser recruited colleagues and students to the Party and worked closely with the communist cell aothusser at the ENS. Jul 28, Luke Echo rated it really liked it. For the most part, the essays collected in For Marx and the pou papers issued as Reading Capital develop and utilize this method of reading in order to justify and describe Marxist philosophy and Marxist mwrx as well as to distinguish between these two theoretical activities.

Thus the development within pour marx althusser mode of production of the practices specific to it is not necessarily homogenous or linear. Near the middle there is analysis of a play which gives insight to Marxian thought. Though this transformation takes place entirely in thought, Althusser does pour marx althusser maintain that scientific knowledge makes no use of facts.

Althusser thus retained the basic theoretical structure of Pour Marx. Rather, and in line with the parallelism attributed by Pour marx althusser to Spinoza, as each productive process transforms a unique material concepts in science, goods in economics, social relations in politicseach process can only be understood in terms of its unique causal structure.


For him, this existentialist diagnosis is a type of idolatry: But maybe, since at one point he pour marx althusser that hypotheses are part of bourgeois idealist ideology! And yet he was probably the greatest western thinker to ever attempt a global critique of capitalism.

pour marx althusser The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy. For the next few years, Althusser tried to advance the aims of the Communist Party as well as the goal of getting Rytman accepted back into it. In fact, I was not equipped for an adequate treatment of certain questions, some difficult points were obscure to me; as a result, in my texts I did not take into account certain important problems and realities, as I should have.

To pour marx althusser knowledge it pour marx althusser essentially the uneven development of contradictions in the “complex whole” totality? According to Althusser’s narrative, as Marx became more involved in activism and organizing, his thinking began to be increasingly based on the reality of the worker’s struggle.

From the fruits of this new method of reading, Althusser argued that not only was Marx the originator of a new philosophy, Dialectical Materialism, that had nothing to do with its Hegelian and Feuerbachian predecessors, but that he also founded a new science, Pour marx althusser Materialism, which broke with and superseded such ideological and pre-scientific precursors as the political economics of Smith and Ricardo. In addition, these texts suggest the need for a thorough study of Marx.

Soon thereafter, he was captured in Vannes along with the rest of his artillery regiment.