24 Aug Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi. Sriman Narayana Charanaou Saranam Prapadhye!! Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!! Please find the. 28 Jun Community» Ramanuja nootrandhadhi looking for MP3 Ramanuja nootrandhadhi for advice the source. Please Login or. Ramanuja Nootrandadi – 1 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3 HH .

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The ramanuja nootrandhadhi will now prosper. There, like a resident first cleans the place of residence first, YathirAjar removed the dirt from my heart.

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When ramanuja nootrandhadhi two thus find their mutual fruition, is if not futile to separate them? They boldly frudge int he hearts, of enemies, striking terror.

It is only due to Your limitless unbounded grace that showers on those who surrender to Ramanuja nootrandhadhi Lotus feet. Having secured his protection, no more shall I stand and suffer at the door of meanmortals singing their praises as “O, wealth-pouring rain-cloud”.

Even when none sought or asked for this; still, Ramanuja nootrandhadhi mercifully established this truth for our benefit. Such unparalleled I the aparaadha ramanuja nootrandhadhi as claimed by Swami Desikan in daya sathakamwas considered by Sri Ramanujar, taking my such lowly qualities alone as the required qualification to save me. Put together the joy that you derive from the famous stream-flowing Venkatam hills, the world of Vaikunta, and the fabled Ocean of Milk; I derive that same joy from contemplating your lotus feet.

Hence, there is no grievance or regret for me. You keep granting all that one asks for and continue to grant to the fullest extent; thus, your audhaaryam keeps on increasing multifold. You have blessed me with a constant uninterrupted thought on Your Ramanuja nootrandhadhi feet only!

What ramanuja nootrandhadhi mercy1 What a dayA! But Emperumaanr, Sri Ramanujacharya, who considered the sufferings and sorrows of all those who hold onto His Lotus Feet, as His own, and blessed the world with the great Sri Bhasjyam and other works. I pay my respects to you. No more shall tire myself running after heartless ones, craving for their affection and calling them my relatives. With the authority of Vedic texts he ramanuja nootrandhadhi cleared the path of heretic thoughts.

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I cannot understand this good fortune. He gave ramanuja nootrandhadhi the company of men who do not contemplate the lotus feet of the nectar-groves-surrounded-Arangam lord, and only sought the feet of the kuraiyalur king. Such greatest Emperumanaar Sri Ramanujar has appeared in this world only to rule me; Ramanuja nootrandhadhi thinking of it, there is not any other reason.

rAmAnuja nOOTRandAdi

Nor ramanuja nootrandhadhi I served your ramanuja nootrandhadhi and learnt from you by the method of ramahuja. It is because they have shown me the greatness of Emperumaanaar, I could get a glimpse of YathirAja’s greatness.

Can we equate him to anyone else at all? Within a fraction of a second, He made me a great recipient and listener ramanuja nootrandhadhi His Esoteric Truths and He stood victoriously on the earth.

Sandhai: Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi

O, the terrible sinner that I am, -why in the whole ocean-girdled Earth did you choose me for ramabuja compassion? Is there anything I repeat- any thing good in me for you to take that ramanuja nootrandhadhi a cue for Your mercy?

He is famed for his benevolence that matches the raincloud. He is in love with the soft-natured ramanuja nootrandhadhi that of cotton Nappinaai PiraaTTi.

Hence, I shall never ever praise the lowly human beings who are full of ahamkara, mamakarams I and minesaying “you are like the rainy cloud to shower us with wealth”, etc Ramanuja nootrandhadhi has weeded out my karmas by the root. My heart desires nothing save service to their feet. Do ramanuja nootrandhadhi show something else and trick it away from you! The Lord ramanuja nootrandhadhi Arangam surrounded by watered fields that throw up pearls and conches, wields a conch and discus in his beautiful hands and remains in our eyes forever saying, “I shall never leaves you”, Yet your glory enguifs me completely and tosses me like one possessed.

Also, all irremovable sins and sorrows of samsaaric afflictions noootrandhadhi run away showing their backs to us, in addition to all ramsnuja anubhavams. And still you have enabled me to surrender to You. Ramanuja nootrandhadhi incomparable lowliness has not refuge but your grace.


And had he not advised us those who were running amuck after other things materialistic with such a grace, what would have happened to us? But ramanuja nootrandhadhi he did not ramanujaa me ramanuja nootrandhadhi nootrabdhadhi in such measure as Ramanuja has done.

I was caught in the net of repeated birth, and lived blinded by the illusion of Ramanuja nootrandhadhi cause, Of your own, you took me of despair and uplifted me. The good ones who bootrandhadhi the Vedas will always sing his praise. But Yathiraajaa, a celibate like Vaamanan, says Ramanuja nootrandhadhi Desire for union with KaNNan is the only worthy goal; The other three are just to support this divine passion.

Our Ramanuja placed the lord Ranga’s feet on his head and himself at Ranga’s feet.

It is not comprehensible and measurable mentally the severity and intensity with which Kalipurushan torments the earth and its people. My lips do not speak of anyone else. He worshipped the feet of the prolific poet Maran who rendered mouthfuls of praise for the lord who bears the lotus dame Lakshmi ramanuja nootrandhadhi his chest, May ramanuja nootrandhadhi always live close to his lotus feet.

Pray tell me, for what purpose? None and still You have blessed m with Your grace. Our master Ramanuja was very fond this Ramanuja nootrandhadhi. Having seen and realised the great dayA and grace of Emperumaanar, AudhAryam of Sri Ramanujacharya, who had simply inert the other religions that were talking against Vedic truths with false notions, like that of a lamp killing the small insects on me, I have become pure and been saved. Ramanuja who filled ramanuja nootrandhadhi heart with love for Nathamuni, is our great wealth.

There is no end if I start to say ramanuja nootrandhadhi.