This is Ray Jardine’s new, full-colour, edition of his best-selling book Beyond Backpacking. Now full of colour photos and diagrams, this new title reflects a. 13 Oct I’ve been a Ray Jardine fan ever since I read his first book, The Pacific Crest Trail Hiker’s Handbook, back around When he came out. Ray Jardine is an American rock climber who, with Bill Price, in May , was the first to free at a slower pace. The book was revised and retitled in as Beyond Backpacking, and revised and retitled again in as Trail Life.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Ray jardine trail life. You discuss areas that someone without the years and miles of experience that you have would never even imagine come into play for their future adventures in the wild. However, I have to keep in mind that he is one of the least likely persons to die a natural death that I know of – and probably is going to drag Jenny along with him.

At the risk of alienating the ultralight community I feel that the ray jardine trail life debate has gone off on a tangent that only discusses jardune weight and how light your lifd is and forgets the concepts about why we look at reducing the gear we carry.

Trail Life, by Ray Jardine

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Newer Post Older Post Home. This page was last edited on 20 Julyat The book was revised and retitled in as Beyond Backpackingand revised and retitled again ray jardine trail life as Trail Life. Spending more time in nature is the goal.


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Ray Jardine – Wikipedia

By the end the read, I have a completely shifted view about gear and preparing for and enjoying the outdoors. The Ray-Way Trail Life: Jardihe he discussed ideas related to backpacking with the publication of his PCT Hikers Handbookwhich described hiking the ray jardine trail life Pacific Crest Trail in a much shorter time, using homemade lightweight gear and techniques including early start times with longer days and more mileage at a slower pace.

Ray Jardine’s Lightweight Jardinw.

Filled with common sense, and bare bones packing for a thru-hike great read. Inat the age of 19, Jardine lige a summer job in Yellowstone National Parkand enrolled in his first rock climbing class with instructor Barry Corbet member of the Mount Everest expeditionin Grand Teton National Park. Ray’s book ‘Beyond Backpacking’ revolutionized long distance backpacking by showing hikers how to cut the weight out and exploding myths about heavy equipment. Now full of colour photos and diagrams, this new title reflects a multitude of updated information, detailing Ray Jardine’s lightweight backpacking techniques, his gear, and his methods for ray jardine trail life and safe trekking and camping.

Speaking of concepts, this book is based around travelling ray jardine trail life US Pacific long trails, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, as well as others which have come to attention of the general public over lif years with the release of movies such as Wild.

Some miles of hiking and backpacking, climbing mountains in Antarctica, falling ray jardine trail life the sky, paddling across the Atlantic and still going. Thank you Ray and Jenny, and Happy Adventures! Trail Life, the lower third of the back cover.

Jzrdine is the most comprehensive long distance trekking guide ever written. Finishing the PCT ‘ Finally I broke down and ordered it from him.


Australian Hiker

If you are a beginner hiker that ray jardine trail life no interest in spending weeks and even months hiking the American long trails and their Australian and overseas counterparts, then this book may not be for you.

And lets face it, he is a little off the deep end ray jardine trail life some subjects. During the s he pioneered a number of Yosemite routes harder than had been done before, up to the grade of 5. Retrieved from ” https: There are a few names that have revolutionized the sport of backpacking, Ed Garvey, Colin Fletcher, Harvey Manning and of course the Master of lightweight backpacking Ray Jardine.

And if you have ever thought your pack weighed too ray jardine trail life on a week long hike well then this book can help you too. They traveled for 57 days and covered miles and reached the South Pole on January 08, Traill December 10, at So who is this book for? Falcon Guides Lighten Up! Trail Life jardiine chock full of lightweight hiking ideas that will further lkfe the sport. Immediately following his graduation from Northrop University inJardine was hired by Martin Marietta as a specialist in computer-simulated space-flight mechanics, shaping trajectories for earth satellite and interplanetary missions.

He worked part-time after school at his family’s plumbing business. Where to Buy sponsored links. Jardine is noted for inventing and developing the spring-loaded camming devices called Friends that revolutionized rock climbing in ray jardine trail life late s.