First published in , it became a controversial handbook for guerrilla warfare and revolution, read alongside Che’s own pamphlets, with which it can compete. REVOLUTION? Armed Struggle and Political Struggle. In Latin America. Regis Debray. Translated from the author’s. French and Spanish by Bobbye Ortiz. raRss . The importance of Regis Debray in relation to the Latin American revolution stems from several things. He has broken from the rigid confines of European.

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In some respects it resembles the way SNCC functioned in the South in its early years despite the apparent opposition between the military ddebray of the guerrilla band and the formal nonviolence of SNCC. Response to a newly organized guerrilla foco may take some time. Some of the book is about shared experience, but much of it, too much of it, is about the theory of organizing foci of armed guerillas throughout countries of the third world, primarily in Latin America–precisely the volunteeristic enterprise Che ha I sat on this one several years before finally getting down to read it.

Convicted of having been part of Guevara’s guerrilla group, Debray was sentenced on 17 November to 30 years in prison. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Read it Forward Read it first.

I revolutlon we’re all pacifists, but it’s an interesting critique of guerrilla warfare. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. UK first published Undoubtedly, many are corrupted, as are similar workers in industrialized countries. I sat on this one several years before finally getting down to read it. The function of the revllution as of the SNCC workers was to show that this power was not invincible, either by getting away with military opposition or by challenging its laws and customs openly and engaging the support of other sections of the country.

Since there is no revolutionary movement, military or political, that can live without constantly testing and refining its tactics and its strategy through trial and error, this gives Debray a grasp on a small piece of the truth. The emphasis on tenacity, the struggles that must be endured, and the sense that “failure is a springboard” – these are striking by comparison to some of the attitudes today, although clearly Debray is given to romanticising suffering and, of course, there is no reason not to find responsibilities for those who can’t – for whatever reason – command one of his ‘machine-gun nests’!


Revloution, this is definitely worth checking out as a histor Pretty hard to rate this book. Where agriculture is based on small peasant holdings it is regid to expropriate large land-holdings to give to the peasants a reasonable minimum acreage and to assist them technically, through fertilizers and tools, in education for them and their children and in the development of cooperation, to develop agriculture above the meanest levels.

He has seemed to be the theoretical embodiment of the Cuban Revolution and his writings are an attempt to develop a theory of the Latin American Revolution based on the Cuban Experience. Economics for the Many. Provides an interesting contrast to the current world situation.

Revolution in the Revolution?

He also strove explicitly to prevent misunderstandings by differentiating mediology from a simple sociology degis mass media. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It comes as something of surprise that a Marxist theoretician or any theoretician, for that matter should reject all theory and insist on the continual application of trial and error. He asked voters to endorse the “left of the left,” in revloution attempt to end a modern “anti-politics” which has become political marketing.

May 02, Ernest Hogan rated it liked it. But a view which cuts off the oppressed classes from the revolution, except as recipients, must, of necessity, cut the Latin American revolutionist off from his only source of theory: What kind of theoretical conclusion does one draw from that?

Far from offering any revolution in revolutionary practice, it would come as no surprise that no armed struggle that took Debray’s words to the letter only led to, as he himself put it, “a profusion of admirable sacrifices, of inn heroism leading nowhere — that is, leading anywhere except to the conquest of political power. Debray stands the question on rfvolution head.

Régis Debray

He wrote the book Revolution in the Revolution? Blood of the Liberals. Nowhere in Debray is there a sign of any understanding of this. Rich rated it liked it Jan 06, He criticized the new generation in politics as competent but without character, and lacking ideas: Nicole rated it it was ok Jan 05, But Debray tends from that point on to oversimplify a very complex process and to reduce the revolutionary struggle to military terms.


Debray endorsed the law. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Rubaiyat Sharmin rated it it was amazing Dec 06, It would seem that Debray has a point when he argues that an urban political party’s control over the guerrilla army is fraught with dangers ranging from risky meetings to lack of decisiveness. Lucid and compelling, it spares no personage, no institution, and no concept, taking on not only Russian and Chinese strategies but Trotskyism as well.

Regis Debray: Revolution Without a Revolution by Martin Glaberman

Chris rated it liked it Jan 07, A must read for all the revolutionaries worldwide. He is known for his theorization of mediology, a critical theory of the long-term transmission of cultural meaning in human society; and for having fought in with Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara in Bolivia. Rick Mercer Final Report. This is what has appeared as Revolution In the Revolution?

Sam Fickling rated it really liked it Dec 16, In Vie et mort de l’image Life and Death of Image,an attempted history of the gaze, he distinguished three regimes of the images iconidol and vision. Nov 07, Pages.

Jun 13, Debopriyo Moulik rated it really liked it. But he thereby ignores that the Cuban Revolution began with some basic strategic concepts, particularly on the need for a fundamental agricultural revolution, and the need to root its tactics in Cuban history, that th, the experience of earlier revolutionary struggles.

He has taken from Che and Fidel and incorporated into his own thinking the fundamental conception of the Latin American revolution as an international revolution, that is, as a continental revolution. Debray returned to France during following the coup by Augusto Pinochet in Chile. Right Here, Right Now.