7 Jun RFT Interview Questions and Answers. 1) What is RFT? RFT Stands for Rational Functional Tester, It’s an IBM ‘s Rational. + Rational Functional Tester Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are the main features of Functional Tester? Question2: What Process is. 29 Dec A beginning has been made to bring out High Quality Interview Questions on Rational Functional Tester (RFT), generally used by the.

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This feature is used to set a wait qiestions for an object during playback to check for its existence. If we use an illegal character in the pattern, rft interview questions field gives you the error. If verification points fail because of intentional changes to the application-under-test, update the baseline data using the Comparator.

NET Scripting, customizes the names of Windows test objects in a script. What is a Rational and Functional Queshions project?

However, advanced users can create their own helper superclass if they want to add additional methods or override the methods within RationalTestScript. Regression testing identifies differences that may have been introduced since the last build.

Every test rft interview questions that we create has a private test datapool associated with it. What are the steps involved in test development phase using RFT? We usually come across a need like the following when we need to access the properties of a test object: Once you have downloaded and installed RTF, the built in tutorials are a good place to get started as rft interview questions cover all of the major features of the tool. The verification point captures the object information based upon the type of the verification point and stores it in a baseline data file.

We can create a new test object map either by basing it on an existing map or by adding objects as required. There are rft interview questions testers having knowledge or even expertise of QTP. Why does the script playback fails sometimes while testing HTML applications?


How to design your resume? Out of the box, RFT comes with a collection of standard interviiew it uses to interrogate anything we care to point it at. We rft interview questions customize the default script templates used by RFT to format and provide basic information when we create our script. Menu hierarchy verification point, Table verification point, Text verification point, Tree hierarchy verification point, List rft interview questions point.

Helper superclass or base class are optional, user defined classes which provide overriding support for.

How can we prevent ambiguous recognition in RFT?

RFT Interview Questions and Answers – Software Testing

Parent-child nesting and Owner-owned nesting Q. Such automation allows us to test each new build of our application faster and more thoroughly compared to manual testing, thereby reducing the testing time and increasing the rft interview questions and overall rft interview questions. The Test Object Inspector interbiew not display the information for the test object under the cursor.

Rational Unified Process Interview Questions.

RFT Test to assess & hire Automation Tester using IBM RFT

When we do the playback of our script, we can view the script name, the number of the line that is executing, status icons, and a description of the action in progress from the Playback Monitor. What Process is followed by Rft interview questions Functional Quetions for test automation?

What are the dynamic verification points? Following types of RFT logs are available to view the playback results of rft interview questions scripts.

IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) Test

How many types of verification points are provided by RFT? Also, the script contains no references to the browser during the recording, we can play rft interview questions the script using any of the supported versions of Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or Netscape. There can be multiple correct answers to this question. Here we play back scripts wuestions compare the latest build of the application to the baseline established during the test development phase.


Can we change the default script helper superclass? Functional Test project stores all application test assets like scripts, object maps, verification point baseline files and script templates.

If we associate a Functional Tester project with the current Rational project, we can analyze the results using the Test Log window of Test Manager. Enables us to search for a test object based on unterview property or value that we enter.

The pattern allows for more flexibility in the rft interview questions recognition. Rft interview questions are Local and agent computers in RFT?

RFT Interview Questions and Answers

There are two types of datapools like 1 Private datapool and 2 Shared datapool Every test script that we create has a private test datapool associated with it.

We can fix this problem by taking actions like: What functions are available while using shared object maps in RFT? The RFT skill being like a stong sibling unable to grow further without oppurtunities. What is the importance of having latest version of various elements in tests? How is Keyword-driven testing different from Data-driven testing.

Data verification point has five further points: However If we are using Visual Basic. The test development phase consists of following six steps: This will permit us to simply call the necessary method from the test rft interview questions. The initial private test datapool is a placeholder and is empty until we data-drive the test script, or rft interview questions new data to it.

Functional Tester runs on the following Host and Test platforms: Functional Test project is created before recording the scripts. RFT provides how many type of delete Cookies methods?