Riyad As Salihin: The Gardens of the Righteous, is one of the most famous works of Imam Nawawi. This collection of authentic hadiths can be briefly defined as. RIYAD US–SALIHEEN. The Paradise Of The Pious. Compiled by. Imam Abu Zakaruya Yahya Bin. Sharaf An-Nawawi. Page 2. THE ВООK ОF MISCELLANY. Riyāḍ al-Ṣāliḥīn by Imām Yaḥyá ibn Sharaf al-Nawawī is a book of Islamic ethics, manners, and acts of worship. The following are some chapters of this work.

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The third one said: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, you can see the pain which I am suffering and I am a man of means and there is none to inherit from me except one daughter. By using this site, you agree to the Ssliheen of Use and Privacy Policy.

I said, “O Messenger of Allah, would I survive my companions? He who intends to do a good deed but he does not do it, then Allah records it for him as a full good deed, but if he carries out his intention, then Allah the Exalted, writes it down for him as from ten to seven hundred folds, and even more.

Riyd Sahih Tartib al-Musnad. Articles containing Arabic-language text All stub articles. This however, will be reckoned as Nafli Sadaqah voluntary charity because the obligatory Zakat Sadaqah cannot be given to the donor’s own dependents.

Should I give two-thirds of my property in charity? Firstly, there is no evidence in Shari’ah to support this. Hadith terminology and study.

He said to my father, “Yazid, you have been rewarded for what you intended. This spirit and readiness must be kept always alive so that the Muslims may respond at once to the call of Jihad whenever the need for it arises anywhere. It is, however, obligatory to emigrate from such regions which are Dar-ul-Kufr land of infidels and where it is difficult to adhere to Islamic injunctions.


Man La Yahduruhu Al-Faqih. A’ishah May Allah be pleased with her narrated that the Prophet PBUH said, “There is no emigration after the conquest of Makkah but only Jihad [ striving and fighting in the cause of Allah will continue] and good intention.

Riyad-as-Saliheen, Riyad-us-Saleheen

In fact, the latter is a Bid’ah innovation in religion because no proof of it is found in Shariah. This term is used for the first three generations of Muslims, the one in which the Prophet PBUH lived and the two following.

They remained behind for a valid excuse. However, what is mentioned in the Hadith will happen when Riyac fight among themselves for worldly honour and prejudices, and no religious issue would be the cause of their conflict, because in the latter case, it is possible that both might be depending on their own Ijtihad exercise of opinion for which they may be excused.

The transfer of their capital and talent to Dar-ul-Kufr is indeed very disturbing because on one side these two factors are lending support aaliheen the economy of Bilad-ul-Kufr countries of infidels and on the other, obscenity and indecency that are common in such countries, are becoming increasingly common among the Muslims too.

He said, “Give away one-third, and that is still too much.

Abu Hurairah May Allah be pleased with him reported that: It is permissible to pray through our virtuous deeds. Why all of them? Retrieved from ” https: Pay me my dues. Ma’n bin Yazid bin Akhnas May Allah be pleased with them he, his father and his grandfather, all were Companions reported: On the basis of this Hadith, ‘Ulama’ are of the unanimous opinion that the real basis of one’s actions is Niyyah intention and everyone will be requited according to his Niyyah.

In this world, one will be treated according to his apparent condition while his insight will be left to Allah. From Fiyad, the free encyclopedia. One can report to others his ailment or to seek treatment and ask them to supplicate from him.


It means that goodness which ceased to continue by the cessation of emigration can still be obtained by Jihad and by intending accomplishing good deeds.


But to make someone riyac medium for it, is an innovation in Deen which should be avoided for two major reasons. The Meadows of the Righteous by Imam Nawawi contains a total of hadith divided across chapters, many of which are introduced by verses of the Quran. Such prophecies are a part of the Unseen world.

We were coming back from the battle of Tabuk with the Prophet PBUH when he remarked, “There are people whom we left behind in Al-Madinah who accompanied us in spirit in every pass and valley we crossed.

Riyad as-Salihin – – Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم)

You will not expend a thing in charity for the sake of Allah, but you will be rewarded for it; even the morsel of food which you feed your wife”.

If I did that to seek Your Pleasure, then, remove the distress in which we are. The latter died in Makkah. Hypocrisy, ostentation, greed for wealth, riches and other wordly things fall in the category of such evils.

I hired some labourers and paid them their wages except one of them departed without taking his due.

Allah, the Exalted, says: When I waliheen as usual and brought the drink I found them both asleep. After a long time, he came to me and said: This Hadith highlights the importance of sincerity and good intention. The rock moved slightly but they were unable to escape.

When they awoke at dawn, they drank milk.

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