26 Jan The verses of Soundarya Lahari should not be interpreted merely as a poem. The first sloka of Ananda Lahari goes thus: Sanskrit Text. 8 மார்ச் Soundarya Lahari – Sloka 25 – To get power. Sanskrit Text: त्रयाणां देवानां त्रिगुणजनितानां तव शिवे. भवेत्पूजा पूजा. The Soundarya Lahari (Sanskrit: सौन्दर्यलहरी) meaning “The Wave of Beauty” is a . Soundaryalahari shloka and its translation · Kanchi Mutt Sri Jayendra Swamigal chanting Soundarya Lahari · Why one should chant Soundarya Lahari?.

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Are the nectar filled pot made of rubies, For The elephant faced one, And he who killed Kraunchasura, Even today do not know the pleasure of women, And remain as young children. Which always grant wealth to the poor. Is the four wheeled Chariot, Of the God of love.

And offer oblations to the fire in triangle of Shiva, With the pure scented ghee of the holy cow, Kamadhenu, Ssnskrit times and worship you. Which is in your wheel of Manipuraka, Which as Parashakti shines like the laharri of darkness.

To the lotus forest like mind. Sadashiva who is white in color.

Satyam Param Dheemahi: Soundarya Lahari – Shloka 69 – For Success in ventures.

From the mind of he who destroyed the three cities. Which treats and cools it down. Getting riches She who has a holy life. Who has same stream of thought as Him. All the verses are collectively known as ‘Soundarya Lahari’.

Into the king of poets? The seed letter “la” of Earth, The seed letter “ha” of the Sun God, The seed letter “sa” of the Moon with cool rays, The seed letter “ka” of again the God of love, The seed letter “ha” of the sky, The seed letter “la” of Indrathe King of Devas, Sansrkit seed letter sanxkrit of Para, The seed letter “ka” of the God of love, The seed letter “la” of the Lord Vishnu, Along with your seed letters “Hrim”, Which joins at the end of each of the three holy wheels, Become the holy word to worship you.

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And hence arises lahzri doubt in me, That you were not satisfied, By half the body of Shambu that he gave, And occupied all his body.

Fails to describe your sublime beauty. Who get your sidelong glance, Even though they are very old, Bad looking and not interested in love sports.

There are many English translations with commentaries on Soundarya Lahari done by various authors. Of eight and sixteen petals.

Or is it the Homa fire, Where the fire is the light from cupid, Or is it the play house of Rathi, the wife of God of love, Or is it the opening to the cave.

Makes the dawn and the dusk. Of the feelings of love, He gives lot of happiness. Your two eyes elongated up to thine ears, Enact the arrows of the God of love.

And arranged very close to one another. When shall that water attain. To make a dumb man speak Oh, daughter of ice mountain, Even the creator who leads, An array of great poets. Appear as if they applaud your words. Which are like the white tendrils, And which are sweetly scented. On you who showers nectar from all your limbs, And in the form which resembles, The statue carved out of moonstone, Can with a single stare, Put an end to the pride of snakes, And with his nectar like vision, Cure those afflicted by fever.

He who chooses to describe, Your crown, bedecked with shining jewels, Which are but the transformed form. The seed letter “Hrim” of the goddess Bhuavaneshvari, And the seed letter “Shrim” of the goddess Lakshmi, Which are the three letter triad. The swans in your house, Follow you without break, As if to learn, Your gait which is like a celestial play.

The lotus flower sleeps at night, But your feet are wakeful night and after night, The lotus makes the goddess of wealth Lakshmi live in it, But your feet gives Lakshmi to its devotees, And so your two feet always wins over the lotus, What is so surprising in this?

It is also for sure. Reflected in thine two mirror like cheeks.

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Making a total of forty four angles The geometric design of Shri Chakra is described here. Taming bad people Yours escorts divine, Shout with concern at thee. And for sure, Brahma the creator refills these daily, After your use, So that they are always full. With a thin pretty form. From them come the eighteen arts, And they differentiate the good from the bad, Like the milk from water. And is like the tender stalk. And also remind of the place, In your pretty neck, Where originates the three musical notes, Of Shadja, Madhyama and Gandhara.

Got by breaking the moon stone. Of the ego of the God who burnt the three cities, Should please come and appear before us. According to which aspect one sees. On being compared to your lips. And are simultaneously drunk deeply. Views Read Edit View history.

Which are bent upon drinking the honey.

That climbs from your navel upwards. That this is the line of hair.

Soundarya Lahari

Thus, he composed the Soundarya Lahari waves of beauty of the Devi. From the flower bunch of poems, Presented by your devotees, And make thine third eye light purple. Becoming expert in magic Oh Goddess mine, Placed just below your shoulders, By Cupid, the God of love, Tearing your blouse which is attached, To your body by the sweat, When ni think of the greatness of your Lord, And resembling pots of Gold, Your breasts appear to be tied by him, Securely three times.

The Goddess of learning Sarasvati, Sitting at the tip of your tongue, Though white and sparkling like a crystal, Turns red like the ruby, Because of the color of your tongue. This depicts the Supreme Reality as non-dual but with a distinction between Shiva and Shakti, the power holder and Power, Being and Will.