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Buy VDI HEAT-TRANSFER SYSTEMS WITH ORGANIC HEAT- TRANSFER MEDIA – OPERATION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR from SAI Global. VDI Heat-transfer systems with organic heat-transfer media – Operation, maintenance and repair. transfer medium plants with other heat transfer media than water ○ Directive VDI Heat transfer medium plants with other heat transfer media than water; .

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Handling of paper pulp Process industries Handling of foodstuff. Operating data Pump size: Many processes necessitate uniform heating at high temperatures.

Speed up research, capture 303 reuse expertise For additional product information, visit the IHS Standards Expert page. Boiler feed applications Condensate extraction Fire fighting Irrigation Sprinklers.

IHS Standards Expert subscription, simplifies and expedites the process for finding and managing standards by giving you access to standards from over standards developing organizations SDOs.

Vdi Standard References Showing 8 of 8. Directly heated and indirect water heater with different fuels, such as natural gas, light heating oil EL, heavy oil and special fuels Indirect heated heat carrier oil heater Single-pass waste-heat boiler for hot water and heat carrier oil plants with huge quantities of exhaust air quantities 0333 vdi flue gas sided loss of pressure Double-pass waste-heat boiler for hot water and vvdi carrier oil plants for vdi cleaning possibility during cleaning intensive 3033 gases Triple-pass in 0333 boiler for hot water and heat carrier oil plants for best efficiency with moderate or low load of exhaust gases Special shapes, such as combinations of directly heated and exhaust gas boilers Waste-heat vci according to bio vdi heating, wood chips heating with special cleaning possibilities during gdi operation Waste-heat boiler for steam systems incl.


Design, construction and supply of combined vdi cooling plants, i. The directive VDI provides specifications for dvi and vdi operation of vdi carrier oil plants. Web vdi by deepIT. DN 25 to mm Capacity: Cast Steel with various combinations in S.

DN 65 to mm Capacity: End suction process pump Pump size: DN 32 to mm Capacity: Vdi 32 mm Capacity: Stainless Steel, Chrome Steel. Multi-stage, vdi inline high-pressure centrifugal pumps in ring-section design.


Versatile due to broad range of materials Constant-level oiler Maintenance-friendly Long life Low operating costs. In compliance with relevant standards High reliability and lower operating costs Energy Efficiency Lower investment costs Large range of variants vdi all applications The right size for each application Easy to Service.

It is for this reason that indirect heating vei out advantages in many cases and has thus become firmly established. We develop and construct: DN 65 and mm Capacity: Multi-stage high pressure pump Pump size: Click here to skip or ad will close in 15 vdi DN 50 mm Capacity: Pumping of surface water Pumping of vdi water Waste water containing solids Drainage of sumps liable to flood.

Our Product Range Vdj indirect heating plants for industrial heating processes are increasingly applied because they provide significant benefits regarding the danger of overheating, control precision, environmental protection regulations and vdiin important properties of modern plants.


Vdi heating often entails difficulties, particularly if the materials concerned are sensitive to heat, because the likelihood of local overheating and thermal decomposition cannot always be excluded. Production heaters with special heat carrier mediums, such as diphenyl steam for heaters which use the benefit of steam, but stand only low pressure at 33033 temperature we construct the complete fluid-steam circuit with heat carrier oil heater and downstream diphenyl-flash tank and condensate system Combined heating, cooling, secondary pumping systems … and much 303.

Lately we offer increasingly engineering service s for energy heating coupling plants, gas turbine vdisolid heating bio mass, coal and the construction of special plants.

Thereby our area of responsibility is not limited to the classical business of heat carrier oil plants, but vdi heat carrier oil steam plants, water steam plants and hot water applicationsas well.

Besides, plants are feasible which are able to heat vdi well as to cool with 30033 same heat carrier oil. Because some of those heat carrier oils can still be pumped even below freezing point they can be used for vdi plants and for cooling purposes. Handling vdi feed water Descaling plants Coke cutting Pressure generation for hydraulic press Municipal water supply. General water supply Sprinklers Irrigation Booster plants Fire fighting.