Girls Kissing and Intimacy

In recent decades, research on girls kissing girls has been primarily concentrated on those living on the more progressive college campuses. Yet girls outside of these elite social circles are also likely to report having had same-sex romantic relationships. Even though they have been more likely to begin serious relationships or settle down with males sooner in life. Why is this so? Why is there a tendency for girls to have same-sex romantic relationships when there is no sexual tension between the two girls?

Well, one factor may be that girls just enjoy watching two girls kissing

And I suspect that this is why there is no apparent pattern of same-sex romantic behaviour in straight friendships among girls on college campus. Yet, there is another commonality. For example, watching two girls kissing at a bar, at a ball game, at a friend’s party, or any other social event involving girls shows us that these girls are interested in. They are attracted to, and perhaps even sexually aroused by the prospect of kissing a different person.

They may engage in the same behaviours, such as rubbing their faces together, caressing one another, or gazing into each other’s eyes, but they are not necessarily aware that what they are doing is an expression of arousal. After all, girls kissing girls is something they do on a regular basis. However, it could become an addiction, which can lead to self-mutilations or to an intimacy-without-communication relationship.

This leads to another group of girls kissing girls that are not quite as consciously aware of their eroticism

This is also one of the reasons why most couples end up with one girl sleeping with the other, or with one girl taking another’s partner. Usually, two girls kissing girls involves some degree of physical contact. It starts with touching one another, with tongues or sex organs, or with mouths. The transition to intercourse then occurs when the physical contact has grown into kissing, with the girls moving toward one another and pressing close to one another, until they are almost touching.

The transition between kissing and sex usually occurs after this has been going on for some time. Or it occurs after repeated occasions of kissing. In fact, girls who have had multiple orgasms during dance floor encounters are likely to kiss other girls while dancing. Without ever breaking eye contact with anyone else. Orgasms often build quickly to intense “episodes” of heightened stimulation. If you ask a girl how she feels about it, she probably knows exactly what she feels. When she and her partner are both involved in passionate kissing and touching, as well as being able to experience multiple orgasms.

So, does it matter whether girls are straight or not?

Not really. It is a sexual activity, no different than any other. What matters more is if girls have greater amounts of sexual fantasies, if they view kissing as an erotic act, and if they regularly engage in expressing their love for another person through such physical contact. If so, these girls can have more satisfying, memorable, and mutually satisfying sex lives than women who do not.