Sex Techniques For Couples

The missionary position is one of the most common sex techniques used by men all around the world. The missionary position is often viewed as an easy position to learn, which in actuality it is not. Learning the art of fellatio takes a lot more time than many men and women believe. If you think you have what it takes then you should start working on it right now. There are some important things to know about fellatio and one of them is the importance of learning sex techniques and positions before you attempt fellatio on your partner. This way you will be able to know for sure that your partner will appreciate the positions that you try out.

There is nothing more painful than trying out sex techniques on your partner without proper training from a sex therapist. There are three main techniques that a sex therapist will be able to help you with, these techniques include deep penetration, going down and coming up. You must seek the help of a sex therapist if you want to be successful in fellatio. A sex therapist will also teach you about oral sex techniques. There is nothing more beneficial than learning about fellatio from a sex therapist because he or she will be able to instruct you about exactly how you should be taking your partner in the mouth and how you should be using oral sex techniques on your man.

You can also get sex tips from the internet

The internet contains a number of sex techniques and positions that you will find extremely helpful in the sexual intercourse part. These sex tips are not expensive and you will be able to learn them with ease. If you do not have the time to go and look for sex tips in books and magazines then you should try looking for sex videos tips online. You can also get familiar with proper seduction techniques here before trying anything else.

Reaching the G spot requires sophisticated sex techniques

The G-Spot is an extremely sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina that is extremely responsive to touch. In order to reach this area you need to make sure that you are applying consistent pressure on the vaginal walls using your fingers and your tongue. Some women may find it difficult to penetrate their partners using this technique but it is very possible. You should try to apply constant pressure on your partner’s vagina until he or she reaches the G-Spot.

You can also use your lips, tongue and your sex toys when you are stimulating the clitoris. This is important because you will be applying intense suction on the clitoris to drive her towards the orgasm. When you are stimulating the clitoris, you should avoid going too deep as this will result in giving her oral pleasure which is far more pleasurable than vaginal pleasure.

The third sex technique for couples that you should learn is the period sex position

This sex tip involves having sex while lying down and then entering the woman with your penis. You should penetrate the woman only with the tip of your penis. Once you are inside her you should move to the back and then to the front again. This can be used during the second trimester for maximum stimulation.